AIIMS MBBS 2017: Last week preparation tips

With less than a week left for AIIMS MBBS 2017, medical aspirants may be planning various strategies at the last minute to cope with one of the toughest medical entrance exams in India. As most of the AIIMS MBBS aspirants would be busy with revision, what could also help are tips from previous year’s AIIMS MBBS toppers on how to prepare best for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences MBBS (AIIMS MBBS) examination in the last week before the exam. In this article, Careers360 brings to you last week preparation tips for the AIIMS MBBS examination, where exam toppers reveal their preparation strategies and success mantra.

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AIIMS MBBS 2017 is scheduled to be conducted on May 28, 2017 in a computer based mode (CBT). According to the toppers, the last week of preparation should be smartly divided between revisions and mock tests.


As per the AIIMS MBBS exam pattern, the online question booklet will have 200 objective type questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge.


Here are the last week preparation tips for AIIMS MBBS 


#Continue taking mock tests

With the entrance exam just a week away, aspirants must now focus on solving mock tests and sample papers. These tests help candidates to familiarise themselves with the actual test environment. Apart from taking full length mock tests, candidates should develop the patience to sit for self-study. Taking mock tests will also help them in knowing where they are making mistakes.

Sparing time for self-study is very important. "I started utilising as much time as possible in self-study. In the last days before appearing for the AIIMS MBBS examination, I would spend around 9-10 hours on my studies focussing on each subject," shares Sathvik Reddy who bagged AIR 1 in AIIMS MBBS 2016.


Emphasising on the importance of mock tests, Ansh Gupta, who secured AIR 3 in AIIMS MBBS 2015 says, “By practicing mock tests or sample papers, students can devise their own strategy to solve the complete paper efficiently. This will gain a basic idea about the pattern and type of questions being asked in the entrance exam. Mock tests help students to learn time management strategy and recognize their weak and strong areas.’’


#Be 100 percent focused


AIIMS MBBS toppers have shared that in the last remaining days, they were 100 percent focused towards performing well in the exam. Of course, being in a positive frame of mind also helps.


During the last phase of preparation, aspirants should be dedicated and engrossed in their studies. "I never let anything or anyone distract me. Further, I followed a systematic preparation schedule with ample room for practice," shares Nikhil Bajiya, who secured AIR 2 in the AIIMS MBBS exam last year.

Navsheen Singhal, who secured AIR 1 in AIIMS MBBS 2015, shares, “I studied for 5-8 hours daily. I had put all my time and energy in cracking the exam. My opinion is that whenever you sit down to study, you should do it with complete sincerity.’’


#Revision is key to success


During the last week of your preparation, go back to your basics and strengthen the base concepts of each subject. Also, revise your self-made notes or study material given by your coaching institute. The nature of AIIMS exam demands clarity on concepts. Thus, it becomes highly significant to brush up your skills and revise each and every formula, theory and fundamentals.


"I had a plan in place where the important elements of my preparation for AIIMS included routine studies and revision," says Mridul Sharma who secured AIR 5 in AIIMS MBBS 2016, even as he shares, "Revising helped me to work upon my weak areas, which helped me to a great extent."


“I used to revise every subject taught to me in school and coaching centre. I strictly followed the time table and studied accordingly” says Adish Kumar Sethi, who secured AIR 5 in AIIMS MBBS 2015. He further adds, “Revision not only helps you in checking your knowledge base, speed and accuracy, but also boosts self-confidence.”


#Aim at giving your best shot


Do not aim for becoming a topper, instead focus on giving your best shot. Aspirants should not take stress at any point of their preparations. Studying should be fun! Put all your hard work while studying. Do not involve yourself in those activities which hinders your study schedule such as social media, mobile phones etc. It is only your hard work which pays off in the end. Put 100 percent efforts to achieve your goal.


"Hard work is important for enjoying life also counts. One need not keep staring at books 24x7," suggests Lajjaben Patel, AIR 3 of AIIMS MBBS 2016. She shares, "Doing what you like also supports you in your preparations. Listening to music or just going out, I used to do it all."


Sharing his preparation strategy, Ansh Gupta says, “During my preparation phase, I had never studied with pressure. I enjoyed revising concepts and learning from my mistakes. I used to avoid wasting time in using social media platforms including Facebook, except for discussing any doubts.”


#General Knowledge – an important deciding factor


Unlike other medical entrance exams, AIIMS also comprises general knowledge based questions, which is an important section to qualify. This exam not only tests your basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology but also examines your knowledge regarding general issues including current affairs.


"The medical aspirants focus less on General Knowledge. However, AIIMS has questions from this section as well. Therefore, my strategy included to convert my free time in learning about current affairs and GK," shares Kushagra Pandey of Mumbai, who secured AIR 8 in the last year's AIIMS MBBS exam.


Oshin Bhatia, who cracked AIIMS in the year 2015 says, “Aspirants need to concentrate on GK and Assertion sections. For this, studying newspaper and solving aptitude questions are very important. Remember, GK is one of the deciding factors as those who have an upper hand in this section will surely hold an edge over others.”


#Be relaxed


Keep your stress levels low. It is good to worry about the exam but don’t let the stress and anxiety take over you. Exercise, indulge yourself in recreational activities and have nutritious food. This not only helps in controlling the stress levels but can also keep your emotions stable.


Adish Sethi also suggests that recreational activities helps in breaking the monotony of studies and reduce exam pressure. He says, “I used to indulge myself in recreational activities to refresh my mind. I used to watch a lot of Hollywood movies. Recreational activities help you in getting relaxed and study with a more calm and focused mind.”


The entrance examination will provide admissions to 707 MBBS seats in 7 AIIMS institutes across the country, namely AIIMS New Delhi, AIIMS Rishikesh, AIIMS Bhopal, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, AIIMS Jodhpur, AIIMS Patna and AIIMS Raipur.


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First Published On : 22 May 2017 03:15 PM IST

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