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With AIPMT 2015 scheduled for May 3, 2015, it becomes highly essential for a medical aspirant to follow a strict strategic plan, appear for Mock Test and improve their time management. In this crucial preparatory stage, Careers360 brings you AIPMT Toppers sharing their success mantra for cracking AIPMT with a high score.


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Topper’s tips to crack AIPMT 2015 will guide you in adapting the approaches by AIPMT 2014 Toppers. Read this exclusive preparation guide on ‘How to crack AIPMT 2015’

Tejaswin-JhaTejaswin Jha, AIPMT 2014, AIR 1

Tejaswin Jha, outsmarting 253701 candidates bagged AIR 1 in AIPMT 2014, and scored an amazing 682 marks out of 720 to achieve this remarkable success. A believer of recreational activities like Playing cricket, surfing Facebook and watching movies, he says it is important to indulge yourself in these activities to relax and get more active on Studies.

He further says he devoted his time equally in studies as well as other social activities. Tejaswin reveals about the strategies that let him became an AIPMT Topper. Fulfilling his Mamaji's dream of becoming a Doctor, he shares his success mantra, preparation tips and effective plan of AIPMT preparations.


Preparation strategy: I followed a step by step preparation for AIPMT exam.  The first step was to join a good coaching centre to become consistent in studies.  Besides classes I used to study for 6 to 7 additional hours to cover entire topics and to revise the syllabus I covered in coaching classes. If one adapts this way of studying each day, then half of their AIPMT preparation is done.


The key is to practice: I was comfortable with most of the subjects but the easiest section for me was Physics and the toughest was Biology, as a few questions in this section were very tricky. But my stratergy was to devote more time for practicing the weak subject. The key to success is practice those sections in which you are weak. 


Advice to the Aspirants: I would like to suggest them not to take stress about the AIPMT exam. The real success mantra is to study NCERT Books rather studying those weight expensive materials. NCERT is the best way to clear your basics and concepts in all the three subjects-Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Once your basics are clear, scoring in AIPMT is easier for anyone.

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LovedeepLovedeep Singh Dhingra, AIPMT 2014, AIR 2

Calm and composed with extraordinary intelligence, he has a passion of doing Magic tricks with friends and family. Lovedeep Singh Dhingra followed one simple strategy and achieved All India Rank 2 in AIPMT 2014. In an interview with Careers360, Lovedeep unveils the secret to top in the most coveted medical entrance exam.The Jalandhar boy scored perfect 180 marks in Physics and fetched an overall score of 680 to be ranked second in AIPMT 2014.

Preparation strategy: The only strategy I adopted was to stay relaxed, go easy and study whenever I feel like. There was no time planning as such. I just focused on completing my target syllabus, which I decided for myself as and when I sat for studying. I never decided how many hours to devote but, I used to decide what all topics should be covering in one sitting.

Importance of Recreational activities: It is easy to balance studies and other recreational activities, and equally important.Showing magic tricks to my friends and family was a great source of recreation for me, as it used to make my mind fresh. Recreational activities are really important to burst your stress and help you maintain your calm throughout preparations and on exam day.


Advice: I would like to share that only hard work, confidence and relaxed mind pays off. NCERT Books are very helpful, especially Biology and Chemistry. Around 95% Biology section will come from NCERT Book. And for Physics, it would be really helpful, if you focus on strengthing the concepts. Solving mock tests and sample papers will help you in getting the idea about the exam.


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Rohit-NathaniRohit Nathani, AIPMT 2014, AIR 9

Rohit Nathani, who scored 665 out of 720 emerge as the ninth topper of AIPMT 2014 gives all his credit to family, who ironed out whatever obstacle he faced.He grew up in a family of Doctors and there was nothing else he wanted to be in this world. In this interview, he shares how his focused strategy made him crack AIPMT and secure Rank 9.

PreparationStrategy:My strategy was to take one topic at a time and put in all efforts on it. My main idea was to prepare in such a way that I do not have to follow one topic again and again. Consistency in studies is highly important. One cannot just stop half way. I prepared for two years, which is a long time.  I did not have a schedule as such but I made it a point to study at least 6 to 7 hours every day without fail.


Recreational activities:I like playing mobile games a lot. I spend most of my time playing Temple run. Though, I enjoy playing football too. I love watching FIFA world cup and Germany is my favourite team. Such activities let you release the laziness in you and fills you with positivity and freshness.


Advice: Regular and thorough studies will help the aspirants’ in cracking AIPMT.  Prepare each topic with ease. Taking Mock Tests and solving previous year will help the students prepare for the exam.


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Shreyasi-ManishShreyasi Manish Shah, AIPMT 2014, AIR 4

Shreyasi did not found too many surprises in the AIPMT Paper and her result says it all. Shreyasi Manish shah, scored 671 out of 720 to secure fourth rank in AIPMT 2014. Her confidence made her prepare and achieve the results. She tackled her weak areas with practice and mock tests.

Preparation strategy: I devoted a minimum of7 hours to brush up all the important topics. To enhance my exam preparation strategy, I have focused a lot on Biology and Zoology subjects. I started preparing for AIPMT 2014 from first year of my intermediate examination. Though, my preparation strategy was at times slowed down, so that I do not miss scoring high in intermediate examination, but after my examinations I shifted my focus on AIPMT.


Balancing all the subjects: My AIPMT examination was subject and topic specific. Some topics under Botany and Zoology were time consuming and energy consuming. So, I have invested my time depending on the subject and number of important topics in it. Since, I like Botany I used to revise at least 1 to 2 chapters in a week and make important notes of it. To improve my speed of solving Physical Questions, I set a deadline to attempt 10 questions every day and solve them within a deadline of 45 minutes.


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Akshay-GaneshAkshay Ganesh Kumar, AIPMT 2014, AIR 7

Calm and composed, Akshay wanted to follow his mother’s footsteps. A fun loving and sport guy who loves to play Football and Tennis has eventually scarified his games after 11thjust for AIPMT 2014. He shares that his mother, a Doctor herself has been very supportive during his entire preparations. He also shares that Yoga has helped him in rejuvenating body and brain.


Preparation Strategy: I used to wake up early morning at 6:30 and take an hour to plan meticulously for the entire day. I believe that planning is necessary to reach a perfect score. I used to study the entire day with short breaks in between and, generally tried to finish it all by 6:30 pm in the evening. If it was needed, I would put some extra hours after 6:30 pm so that I was able to finish whatever I have planned for the day. After my daily study plan, I used to watch wildlife programmes at National Geographic Channel (NGC) and Discovery.


Advice: I would like to share my mantra that, Make a plan and follow it accordingly without lagging or without feeling bored. Practice well till you reach your goal. Follow the tortoise not the rabbit. And most importantly, involve your parents in your preparation because they are the only ones who will stand next to you always. Our parents are our real motivation.


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AravindAravind Subramanian, AIPMT 2014, AIR 32

A Known name of Thissur District of Kerala, Aravind came to limelight first after scoring cent percent marks in Mathematics at Class 12. But, he got inspired by his elder brother who was an AIR 5 holder in AIPMT 2011 and decided to become a doctor. It was not easy for him to keep up with the expectations people had and match the standards with his brother. But with his patience and detemination he prepared and scored high in AIPMT 2014.


Success Mantra: My only mantra for success was to work hard and have clarity on basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I used to take 4 to 5 Mock tests a week, which really helped me in improving my question solving speed.


Advices:  Developing your own strategy is essential. Develop the habit of time management every time you attempt any question. Also, remember to keep revising and consolidating your preparation. No matter how much you prepare, but preparation on every day is what really matters. So keep calm before the exam day, spend time on listening to your favourite music, play games and give it your best shot. I wish that every aspirant does really well.


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i had bilateral profound hearing loss and got cochlear i eligible for neet under pwd..?...?. am i actually eligible for neet 2020?

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 22nd Oct, 2019

Dear Banu, under Rights for persons with Disabilities under Benchmark disabilities, auditory disability should not exceed 40% to be eligible for PWD reservation in NEET. Now you haven't mentioned the disability percentage and so that it makes it difficult to guess. MCI has approximately 20  approved disability assessment centres which are listed in You can get assessed at one of these centres. If the disability is more than 40% then you are not eligible for PWD reservation but will be considered for category reservation if applicable.


m i eligible for neet 2020 counselling because i have a betterment marksheet from ahsec ie state board with 60% aggregate in pcb i m feeling very depessed plz help me out

Aditya kumar Student Expert 22nd Oct, 2019
Hello there!
Yes , of course you are eligible for neet with 60% in pcb aggregate in your improvement exam as to be eligible for Neet, a general category candidate needs 50% aggregate in pcb, while it is only 40 % for sc, obc and st category. So , with your 60% aggregate in pcb you are eligible for neet and you will not face any problem. Work hard and prepare well for neet and clear it with flying colours and fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor. Good luck
To know more about you can go through

Please confirm if NEET 2020 is the entrance exam for applying for JIPMER and AIIMS for 2020. Has separate entrance for these 2 institutions been scrapped?

Aditya kumar Student Expert 22nd Oct, 2019
Hello there!


Yes , now there will be no separate exams for AIIMS ug and Jipmer ug, these exams have been scrapped off , now these exams have been included in neet and now from 2020 , admission to all the medical colleges of India including all the aiims and Jipmer will be basis of the marks obtained by students in neet. So , now neet is the only gateway to all all medical colleges of India,  so you need to prepare well for it. Good luck


is repeated questions is available in neet 2020

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 22nd Oct, 2019

Dear Durga, there are probabilities that questions will be repeated in NEET. But we do not know the number of questions. But the fact that the syllabus is defined and the questions can be asked within these topics alone, chances are that questions will be repeated. So we shall help you with the syllabus and preparation tips. You can also check the sample papers for practise.

NEET syllabus:

The Syllabus for Physics Includes:

Physical World and Measurement


Laws of Motion

Work, Energy and Power

Motion of System of Particles and Rigid body


Properties of Bulk Matter


Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory

Oscillation of waves


Current Electricity

Magnetic effects of current and magnetism

Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

Electromagnetic waves


Dual Nature of matter and radiation

Atoms and nuclei

Electronic devices

Best Books:

NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII

Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma

Objective Physics By DC Pandey

Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Fundamental Physics by Pradeep

Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov

Preparation tips:

Physics needs utmost focus and time because it involves with theoretical concepts and numbers. There should be a systematic approach in preparing for NEET. The important topics are Mechanics, ElectroDynamics, Modern Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves. Formulae form an integral part of your preparation. Memorise as many formulae as you can and write them down and stick them as post its so that you can always see them. Practise regularly and try various kinds of questions. Solving previous papers and mock tests to test your improvement. Keep a clock and check the time its taking you to solve these questions. And improve the time as you practise more. One day of the week should be set aside for revision so as to keep the mind fresh. For reading what the toppers and experts have to say, please visit our page at:

Syllabus for Chemistry Includes:

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Structure of Atom

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

State of Matter: Gases and Liquids




S-block Element

Some p-block Elements

Organic Chemistry


Environmental Chemistry


Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

D and F Block Elements

Coordination Compounds

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Biomolecules, Polymers and Chemistry in Everyday life

Chemistry Best Books:

NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII

Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon

ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

Dinesh Chemistry Guide

Practise books by VK Jaiswal, MS Chauhan and N Awasthi

Preparation tips:

Chemistry is divided into Inorganic, Physical and Organic chemistry. For inorganic chemistry, you must refer to the NCERT. Organic comprises of many reactions and reagents which can be practised by writing over and over again. Physical chemistry requires a comparatively deeper understanding of concepts, so preparing with the NCERT and referring to study material a level higher than NCERT should be the way to go. For more information, please visit our page at:

Syllabus for Biology includes:

Diversity in Living world

Structural Organization in Animal and Plants

Cell Structure and Function

Plant Physiology

Human Physiology


Genetics and Evolution

Biology and Human Welfare

Biotechnology and its applications

Ecology and Environment

Biology Best Books:

NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks

Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

Objective Biology by Dinesh

Objective Botany by Ansari

Pradeep Guide on Biology

GR Bathla publications for Biology

Preparation tips:

Biology is the biggest section in NEET, comprising about half of the exam, and acing this subject can help you in scoring more in the exam. Human Physiology and Genetics have maximum weightage in NEET. It is advisable to practise questions of Genetics from previous year question papers, which will give you a thorough understanding of how the questions are being asked. Topics of Plant and Animal kingdom have a lot of portion to memorize. You can prepare these topics by making a comparative table for the sub-topics and studying it together. Plant physiology is also equally important and easy to score. For more tips, please visit our page at:

Please also check this page for sample papers:


what is the cut off of AMU for neet

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 22nd Oct, 2019

Dear Muskan, There is Management Quota and Institutional Quota for AMU College. The cut offs for 2018 are as follows:

Management Seats:

General Category:  562

General Category/PWD: 244

Institutional Seats:

General Category: 533

General Category/PWD: 180

This is 2018 data and 2019 cut offs haven't been released yet. Cut offs change every year and are dependant on various factors such as no.of Candidates appearing for the exam, no.of Candidates qualified for the exam, top NEET score and difficulty of the exam.

The question have been saved in answer later, you can access it from your profile anytime. Access now

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