NEET 2017: Experts differ on answers to four questions

NEET 2017 ExapertsAfter NEET 2017 concluded on May 7, leading coaching institutes have differed on answers to four questions. According to the experts, the question paper of NEET 2017 reflected many questions where either the answer options given in the test booklet were not correct or more than one options were correct. The Careers360 analysis of the NEET 2017 Answer Key released by different coaching institutes tells that there can be discrepancies in as many as four questions or their respective answer options. The analysis of answer keys of NEET 2017 question paper (Code W) reveals that experts differ on answer options of questions numbered 100, 102, 159 and 168 (details in the table below).
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Though CBSE is yet to release the official answer key, coaching experts, while releasing answer keys, said that such questions would have confused the test takers, thereby consuming their time as well. Speaking on the ambiguity of the questions, Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Director, Aakash Educational Services, said that the exam conducting authority might have again erred. “CBSE continued its tradition of nearly 7 per cent ambiguous questions giving jitters to the medical aspirants,” he said.


The table below brings you a comparative analysis of NEET 2017 answer keys (Code W) released by the leading coaching institutes:


Coaching Institutes/Doubtful Questions

Aakash Institute



Motion IIT










1 or 2













NEET 2017 Question Number

NEET 2017 (code W) Q.N. 100


 The coaching experts have varied opinions regarding the correct answer of this question. While a few experts opined that there is no correct option, some have stated that there can be a closest acceptable answer.


The answer key released by Aakash Institute states “As per the question statement and facts given in the question, none of the questions given is 100% correct. However, the closest acceptable answer is option 3”. But according to Allen, Resonance and Motion IIT, not a single option is correct, and bonus marks should be given to the candidates in lieu of wrong question asked.


In this case, the total marks for evaluation comes down to 716, and all candidates may get 4 extra marks above their scored marks. If CBSE accepts this discrepancy, then candidates may be awarded 4 marks for this question like last year.


NEET 2017 question

NEET 2017 (code W) Q.N. 102


This question is also doubtful as different answer keys suggest multiple correct answer options. Majority of experts agree that there can be two correct options for this question. According to them, option 1 and 2, both are right. Thus, candidates may be awarded 4 marks in case they have marked either of the options.





NEET 2017 question

NEET 2017 (code W) Q.N. 159


Coaching institutes are also divided on the correct option to this question. 

While some coaching institutes believe the question may has multiple correct options, others suggest a single answer option. For example, Aakash Institute and Resonance state that two options - 1 and 4, are correct. On the other hand, Allen and Motion IIT have suggested option number 4 as the correct answer option.



NEET 2017 question

NEET 2017 (code W) Q.N. 168


Doubt on this question has been raised for having two correct answer options. According to the experts of Allen Career Institute, option 1 and 2, both are correct, while Aakash Institute, Resonance and Motion IIT have mentioned clearly that only option 1 is the right answer. 






While experts raise doubts on answer keys to the above four questions, any official announcement on this is yet to be done by the CBSE.


Usually, CBSE also announces the official answer key of NEET. According to officials, the official answer keys of NEET 2017 are expected to be released in the last week of May. If a candidate has any complaint related to the answer key, the same should be submitted to the CBSE in online mode with supporting documents and a fee of Rs.1000 per question through credit/debit card. The challenges against the NEET 2017 official answer key will be referred to subject expert/committees constituted by the CBSE for this purpose. The recommendations of the Committees pertaining to answer discrepancy will be final. CBSE will finally declare result of NEET of the national level entrance test on June 8, 2017.


Last year, too, in NEET phase 2, experts claimed discrepancies in as many as three questions. Considering the objections pointed out by candidates, the exam conducting authority ultimately released revised answer keys for both the phases of NEET 2016, and awarded four bonus marks to all candidates for discrepancies in the question papers.


National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2017 was conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in offline mode on May 7 for admissions to 63,985 MBBS and BDS seats across the country. Around 11,50,000 candidates registered for the most coveted medical entrance exam.


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First Published On : 08 May 2017 06:35 PM IST

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Neet 2018 application form is open or no

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Minimum no Required in neet 2018 ug for getting Govt medical college in Rajasthan State?

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My DOB Is 06 March 2003 am I eligible to neet 2020

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Hi Ritik, The minimum age limit according to updated rules is 17 years. So, yes for now we can say that you will be eligible in 2020. But rules can change anytime. So, we are not sure.All the bes...Read More
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The Syllabus of NEET 2018 will be exactly same as it was for NEET 2017; CBSE issues notification.

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CBSE has released an official confirmation on the official website of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, NEET 2018. As per the notice released, the NEET 2018 syllabus is exactly the same as that ...Read More

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How much increase of marks takes place by giving NEET by dropping a year?

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Depends on how much you study

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