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Body fluid - Definition and Examples - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Body fluids

Body fluids 

  • Body fluids in the body are the media through which the process of transport takes place
  • The body fluids of the human body can be of two types i.e. intracellular fluids or extracellular fluids
  • Intracellular fluids are present inside the cells while extracellular fluids are present outside the cells.
  • Intracellular fluid is the cytosol within the cell
  • Intracellular fluids contain large amounts of potassium, phosphate ions and proteins. 
  • Sodium and chloride ions are present in small quantities in intracellular fluids
  • Extracellular fluids includes interstitial fluid ( present between tissue), blood plasma, lymph plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, etc. 
  • The extracellular fluid contains large amounts of sodium and chloride ions

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Body fluids

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