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Fungal Diseases - Practice Questions & MCQ

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The pathogen Microsporum responsible for ringworm disease in human belongs to the same kingdom of organisms as that of

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Fungal Diseases

Ringworm or Tinea

Pathogen: Fungi belonging to genera Trichophyton, Epidermophyton & Microsporum

Mode of infection: from soil or towel, clothes, combs of infected persons


  • Trichophyton infects skin, hair and nails
  • Epidermophyton infects skin and nails
  • Microsporum infects hair and skin


  • The appearance of dry, scaly lesions on various parts of the body such as skin, nails and scalp.
  • These lesions are accompanied by intense itching.
  • Heat and moisture help these fungi to grow, which makes them thrive in skin folds such as those in the groin or between the toes.


  • Griseofulvin and miconazole

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Fungal Diseases

Biology Textbook for Class XII

Page No. : 149

Line : 23

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