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Mass And Density Of Earth - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Does the variation in "g" due to the Earth's rotation affect the weight of objects?


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Mass and Density of Earth
  • Mass of earth-

Using Newton’s law of gravitation we can estimate the mass of the earth

M=\frac{gR^{2}}{G} \simeq \; 10^{25}kg

M\rightarrow mass of earth

G\rightarrow Gravitational constant


  • Density of earth

As g=\frac{4}{3}\pi \rho \, GR

Where \rho \rightarrow density of earth

So \rho =\frac{3g}{4\pi GR}


\rho =5478.4\; kg/m^{3}

  • Inertial mass

Also known as the mass of material of body which measures its inertia.

From  Newton’s second law of motion


So m_{i}=\frac{F}{a}


m_{i}\rightarrow inertial mass

F\rightarrow external force

a\rightarrow\: acc^{n}

  1.   Gravity has no effect on inertial mass.

  2.   Inertial mass is independent of size, shape, and state of the body.


  • Gravitational Mass-

It is mass which determines the gravitational pull acting upon it.

Let F= gravitational pull on a body of mass 

applying Newton’s law of gravitation

We have F=\frac{GMm_g}{R^2}

So we get m_g=\frac{F}{GM/R^{2}}=\frac{F}{I}

Where m_g= Gravitational mass

I\rightarrow Gravitational field intensity

            Tip-Spring balance measure gravitational mass.

  • Mass (m)


  1. It is the quantity of matter contained in the body.

  2. Its SI unit- Kg

  3. Its dimension is [M] 

  4.  It is a scalar quantity.

  5. It Can never be zero

  6. Its value does not change with g.


  • Weight (W)

  1. It is an Attractive force exerted by the earth on anybody.

  2. S.I. Unit: Newton or Kg - wt 

  3. Dimension-[MLT^{-2}] 

  4. It is a vector quantity

  5. It changes its value according to the value of g

  6.  At \infty and at the centre of earth g = 0, So W is equal to zero there.

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Mass and Density of Earth

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