NEET 2016 Topper Interview: Single-minded devotion mantra to my success, says AIR 9 Amit Kumar

AIR 9 Amit Kumar

Nothing compares to the sweet taste of success that comes after years of toil, dedication and unwavering focus. Just ask Amit Kumar, who has an outstanding result in NEET 2016. Hailing from a middle class family, the Hisar boy, who loves to experiment with the latest software accessories in town in his spare time, has clinched AIR 9 rank in NEET 2016. But it is not the first time Amit has tasted success, because he is already pursuing MBBS from AIIMS, Delhi, one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the country. Also to his credit, he is one of those few individuals who have cracked both NEET and AIIMS exams, that too in their first attempt.

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In this interview with Careers360, Amit Kumar shares his joy at the result as well his preparation strategies and what he used to do to let off steam, especially when the pressure got too much to handle!

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Careers360: Congratulations on your outstanding performance in NEET 2016! Are you surprised?

Amit: Thanks. I was expecting a good rank, probably in the top 20, so it was not a big surprise. But I am happy, nonetheless.


Careers360: What are the key factors behind your spectacular success in NEET?

Amit: There is no short-cut to success and so I worked hard and prepared smartly to succeed. I studied rigorously and regularly, and worked at the problems meticulously. I used NCERT books to prepare for Biology, Physics and Chemistry sections; for physics section, I also followed books by P.C. Pandey which added more edge to my preparation.


I also believe that in today’s day and age, one needs to get some form of expert guidance; in my case I got it from my coaching institute. But that said the student must also take care not to depend entirely on coaching manuals and institutes to carry him through the challenging screening process of exams like NEET. Ultimately whether a candidate succeeds or not depends on his motivation levels, the sacrifices he is willing to make and efforts he puts in, and not so much in the coaching institute he chooses. I also believe one shouldn’t be too fussy about which coaching institute to choose, because most of them are decent enough.

I would also like to thank my family for helping me to chase my dreams. They all have been very supportive of my studies and choices I have made and have been a pillar of strength.


Careers360: What made you choose medicine as a career?

Amit: It started with mom, who wanted to see her son become a doctor! And with mom’s encouragement, I also began to gradually like the prospect of becoming a doctor and see myself as a part of this noble profession.  


Careers360: Would you like to share a little about your family? How supportive were your family members in your preparation phase?

Amit: I am the youngest in the family and have an elder brother who runs a private business. My mom is a housewife while dad is also into business. They were very supportive and helped me in every way they could so that I could have the best resources and facilities.


Careers360: Which field of medicine would you like to pursue your career in after MBBS?

Amit: It is still too early to decide which field is best suited to me. Also, I am not from a family of doctors that I can fall back upon for advice. So, I have to take one step at a time and cross the bridge when I come to it. 


Careers360: Did you appear for NEET 1 or NEET 2 or both?

Amit: I appeared for NEET 1


Careers360: According to you, what was the overall difficulty level of the exam? Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest?

Amit: Overall the paper was easy, though I found the chemistry section a little tricky.


Careers360: This year, there has been lot of confusion surrounding AIPMT and NEET. Did the ongoing NEET row affect your preparation?

Amit: I was completely unaffected by all that was happening around me as I was completely engrossed in my preparations.


Careers360: From next year onwards, only NEET will be held for UG medical admissions. What’s your take on that?

Amit: I think it is a good decision because students will now be able to focus on one single exam instead of hopping from one exam to another; earlier it was very taxing as your syllabus changed from one exam to the next and there were also many non-academic activities, like filling forms, which ate into your preparation time. Multiple exams also created confusion like sometimes you didn’t even know which exam is better and which is not worth your time.  

Careers360: What are your hobbies? How often could you pursue them?

Amit: In my spare time I like to watch movies, especially I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series. Singing is another passion and so is trying out new and popular applications that are a rage in town.

Since I am in the medicine profession, spare time is limited, but still I make the most of it whenever I get some downtime.


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Neet 2018 application form is open or no

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