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    Average And Rms Value Of Alternating Current And Voltage - Practice Questions & MCQ

    Edited By admin | Updated on Sep 25, 2023 25:23 PM | #NEET

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    Average or Mean value

    Average or Mean value:

    The average voltage (or current) of a periodic waveform whether it is a sine wave, square wave or triangular waveform is defined as the quotient of the area under the waveform with respect to time. In other words, the averaging of all the instantaneous values along time axis with time being one full period (T).

    The average value of alternating quantity for one complete cycle is zero. 

    The average value of ac over half cycle (t=0 to T/2) 

    i_{av}=\frac{\int_{\frac{T}{2}}^{0}idt}{\int_{\frac{T}{2}}^{0}dt}=\frac{2i_0}{\pi}=0.637i_0 = 63.7 \% \ \text{of} \ i_0

    Similarly V_{av}=\frac{2V_0}{\pi}=0.637V_0 = 63.7 \% \ \text{of} \ V_0

    Peak to peak value :

    The peak-to-peak value of an AC voltage is defined as the difference between its positive peak and its negative peak.

    Peak to peak value =  V_0+V_0=2V_0

    Form factor and peak factor :

    The ratio of r.m.s value of ac to its average during half cycle is defined as form factor. The ratio of peak value and r.m.s value is called peak factor.



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    Average or Mean value

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