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Plant Growth & Development - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Introduction to Growth and Development in Plants
  • Development is the sum of two processes: growth and differentiation. 
  • To begin with, the development of a mature plant from a zygote (fertilised egg) follow a precise and highly ordered succession of events. 
  • During this process, a complex body organisation is formed that produces roots, leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, and seeds, and eventually, they die
  • The first step in the process of plant growth is seed germination. 
  • The seed germinates when favourable conditions for growth exist in the environment. 
  • In the absence of such favourable conditions, the seeds do not germinate and go into a period of suspended growth or rest. 
  • Once favourable conditions return, the seeds resume metabolic activities and growth takes place.


  • Growth is regarded as one of the most fundamental and conspicuous characteristics of a living being. 
  • Growth can be defined as an irreversible permanent increase in the size of an organ or its parts or even of an individual cell.
  • Growth is accompanied by metabolic processes (both anabolic and catabolic), that occur at the expense of energy.
  • Therefore, for example, expansion of a leaf is growth.
  • Plants display indefinite growth.
  • On the other hand, animals show a uniform and fixed growth.

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