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Taxonomy and Taxonomical Aids - Practice Questions & MCQ

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  • Taxonomy and Systematics is considered one the most difficult concept.

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Which of the following are correctly matched with respect to their taxonomic classification?

The branch of science that deals with principles and procedures of identification, nomenclature, and classification of organisms is

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Taxonomy and Systematics
  • Systematics is the branch of biology that deals with the study of units of biodiversity i.e. different species on Earth. It includes cataloguing plants, animals and other organisms into categories. The scientists who study systematics are called systematists or taxonomists. 
  • Systematics is considered synonymous to taxonomy. 
  • Taxonomy is the branch of science that deals with principles and procedures of identification, nomenclature and classification of organisms.
  • The main difference between taxonomy and systematics is that taxonomy is involved in the classification and naming of organisms whereas systematics is involved in the determination of evolutionary relationships of organisms.
  • Systematic studies require knowledge of morphology, anatomy, reproductive biology, genetics, phylogeny, etc. 
  • Linnaeus is known as the Father of taxonomy.
  • Aristotle is the Father of Zoology 
  • Theophrastus is the Father of Botany. 

 New Systematics 

  • Julian Huxley coined the term new systematics. 
  • New systematics includes the study of various organisms on the basis of their morphological, anatomical, cytological, physiological, biochemical, ecological, genetical, embryological, and behavioural characters of the whole population instead of one or two type species. 

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Taxonomy and Systematics

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