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The Need of Control & Coordination - Practice Questions & MCQ

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A large proportion of oxygen is left unused in the human blood even after its uptake by the body tissues. This O_{2}

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The Necessity of Control & Coordination

The necessity of Control and Coordination

  • A healthy human body is said to have coordination between the different organ systems.
  • Coordination is the process through which two or more organs interact and complement the functions of one another.
  • Coordination is the adjustment of our body’s response towards any stimuli that involve multiple organ systems.
  • There are two types of body coordination: neural coordination and hormonal coordination.
  • The coordination system tells the body how to respond to a stimulus. The body can coordinate the response quickly with the help of nerve impulse or over time as the chemical buildup.
  • The neural system provides an organised network of point-to-point connections for quick coordination. 
  • The endocrine system provides chemical integration through hormones.

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The Necessity of Control & Coordination

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