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Colour Of Transition Elements - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Which transition metal ion forms a purple-coloured compound when combined with a ligand?

The transition metal ion M^{2+} forms a green-coloured compound when combined with a ligand. If 0.025 moles of M^{2+} ions react with excess ligand, what mass of the green-coloured compound will be formed? (The compound's molar mass is 300 g/mol)

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Formation of Coloured Ions

When an electron from a lower energy d orbital is excited to a higher energy d orbital, the energy of excitation corresponds to the frequency of light absorbed. This frequency generally lies in the visible region. The colour observed corresponds to the complementary colour of the light absorbed. The frequency of the light absorbed is determined by the nature of the ligand. In aqueous solutions where water molecules are the ligands, the colours of the ions are observed.

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Formation of Coloured Ions

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Formation of Coloured Ions

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Page No. : 229

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