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Life History Variations - Practice Questions & MCQ

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What on the following list DOES NOT represent a life history feature that can vary between species?




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Life History Variations
  • The life history of a species is the pattern of survival and reproduction events typical for a member of the species (essentially, its lifecycle).
  • Populations evolve to maximise their reproductive fitness, also called Darwinian fitness (high r value), in the habitat in which they live. 
  • Under a particular set of selection pressures, organisms evolve towards the most efficient reproductive strategy.
  • The rate of breeding varies from species to species:
    • Some species breed only once in their lifetime (Pacific salmon fish and bamboo), they are called semelparous. Species with this pattern use up most of their resource budget in a single reproductive event, sacrificing their health to the point that they do not survive.
    • Some species breed many times in their lifetime (birds and mammals), they are called iteroparous. They don't put all of their resources into a single reproductive event.
    • Some produce large numbers of small sized offspring (oysters), whereas others produce small numbers of large sized offspring (birds and mammals).

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Life History Variations

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Life History Variations

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