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Sexual Reproduction & Its Characteristics - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Sexual Reproduction & Its Characteristics
  • Sexual reproduction involves the formation of the male and female gametes, either by the same individual or by different individuals of the opposite sex. 
  • These gametes fuse to form the zygote which develops to form the new organism. 
  • It is an elaborate, complex and slow process as compared to asexual reproduction.
  • Because of the fusion of male and female gametes, sexual reproduction results in offspring that are not identical to the parents or amongst themselves.
  • It involves the following stages:
    • Formation of haploid sex cells called gametes called gametogenesis
    • A fusion of the two gametes during fertilization
    • Mitotic divisions in the zygote to form embryo called embryogenesis
    • Growth and development of the embryo

Characteristics of Sexual Reproduction:

  • It is biparental.
  • Gametes are always formed.
  • Fertilization takes place.
  • It involves both mitosis and meiosis.

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