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Sporulation - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Sporulation & Types of Spores
  • Single-celled and thick-walled propagules are called spores.
  • Spores are commonly formed in monera, protista, algae and fungi.


  • These are motile and flagellated spores produced in zoosporangia.
  • These generally lack a cell wall.
  • These are seen in Phycomycetes and many algae.


  • These are formed in ascomycetes fungi.
  • These are non-motile spores that can be formed singly or in a chain on special branches called conidiophores.
  • These are produced exogenously.


  • These are thick-walled spores that are produced directly from the hyphal cells.
  • These can be terminal or intercalary in position.
  • These are seen in Rhizopus and mushrooms.


  • These are formed when the hyphae break and each fragment forms a spore.
  • These can multiply by budding.


  • These are non-motile spores and are formed inside the sporangia.
  • These are seen in Mucor, Rhizopus.

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