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Introduction to the Plant Anatomy - Practice Questions & MCQ

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The father of plant anatomy is

Formation of tissues leads to

The tissues present in plants can be broadly classified as

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Introduction to the Plant Anatomy

Introduction to the Plant Anatomy

  • The branch of botany dealing with the internal structure of the plants is called plant anatomy. 
  • Nehemiah Grew (26 September 1641 – 25 March 1712), an English plant anatomist and physiologist, is known as the "Father of Plant Anatomy".
  • Plants have cells as the basic unit. 
  • These cells are organized into tissues and tissues are organized into tissue systems which in turn form the plant body.
  • Hence, the organs of plants like leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc. are tissue systems.
  • They are different in their internal organization.
  • The anatomy of plants also shows a modification to adapt to their environment.


  • A tissue can be defined as a group of physically linked cells and associated intercellular substances having a common origin and specialized for performing a particular identical function.
  • The formation of tissue increases efficiency and provides for better coordination.
  • There are two types of plant tissues based on whether they are capable of dividing or not:


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Introduction to the Plant Anatomy

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