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Lamina of a plant leaf - Practice Questions & MCQ

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More about Lamina

More about Lamina

Shape of lamina:


Margins of lamina:

Apex of lamina:


Surface of lamina:

Glaucus : Covered by waxy coating with white tinge. e.g., Calotropis.

Scabrous : Rough surface. e.g., Ficus.

Viscose : Sticky surface. e.g., Cleome.

Pubescent: Covered with soft and wooly hair. e.g., Tomato.

Pilose : Covered with long distinct scattered hair. e.g., Grewia pilosa.

Hispid : Covered with long rigid hair. e.g., Cucurbita.

Spinose : Covered with small spines. e.g., Solanum xanthocarpum.

Texture of lamina:

Herbaceous : When the lamina is thin and soft.

Coriaceous : When the lamina is leathery.

Succulent : When the lamina is thick, soft and juicy.

Hygrophytic : When the lamina is very thin, membranous and spongy.

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More about Lamina

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