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Different Types of Cell - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Cellularity and Types of Cell


  • Cellularity refers to the number of cells present in an organism. 
  • Accordingly, an organism can be made up of just a single cell. 
  • Such organisms are called unicellular organisms. 
  • Kingdom Monera with bacteria and Kingdom Protista with organisms like algae, Paramecium, Euglena etc. contain the unicellular organisms. 
  • Multicellular organisms of more than one cells. 
  • The level of organization in multicellular organisms can go up to the organ system level. 

The following figure represents the cellular hierarchy in multicellular organisms:

Based on the presence or absence of well-defined nucleus, cells are of two types:


1) Prokaryotic Cells: [Gk. pro, before, and karyon, kernel, nucleus]. These are the primitive cells and are considered as evolutionary successful. These cells lack a membrane-bound nucleus as well as other membrane-bound organelles. E.g., bacteria.

2) Eukaryotic Cells: [Gk. eu, true, and karyon, kernel, nucleus]. These cells have a defined nucleus as well as membrane-bound cell organelles. E.g., Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals.


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Cellularity and Types of Cell

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