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Prokaryotic Cells - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Structure of Prokaryotic Cell

Structure of Prokaryotic Cell

  • The prokaryotic cells lack a membrane-bound and defined nucleus. Their genetic material is localised in the cytoplasm as the nucleoid.
  • The cells are surrounded by the cell envelope that is made up of glycocalyx, cell wall and plasma membrane.
  • The cytoplasm of the prokaryotic cells contains 70S ribosomes, nucleoid, plasmids, inclusion bodies etc.
  • Motile prokaryotic cells have cell appendages in the form of flagella.
  • Apart from the flagella, these cells can have fimbriae to provide attachment to the surface and conjugation pili to facilitate the exchange of genetic material.
  • There is no cellular compartmentalization in the form of cell organelles.

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Structure of Prokaryotic Cell

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