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Eukaryotic Cells - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Cellular organelles with membranes are:

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Origin and Structure of Eukaryotic Cell

Origin and Structure of Eukaryotic Cell

  • The eukaryotic cells are believed to have originated through plasma membrane invagination and endosymbiotic theory. 
  • According to these hypotheses, eukaryotic cells have formed the nucleus through invagination of the plasma membrane around the nucleoid. 

  • The endomembrane system was formed due to the proliferation of the infolded plasma membrane. 

  • The semi-autonomous organelles mitochondria and chloroplasts were free-living prokaryotes that were engulfed by the eukaryotic cell ancestor.

  • Eukaryotic cells are internally compartmentalized. These compartments are called organelles. 

  • Organelles are membrane-bound structures with specific sets of functions. 

  • In protists, fungi and plants, the cell wall is the outermost covering followed by the plasma membrane. In animal cells, the cell wall is absent. 

  • Eukaryotic cells have a lattice of proteins called cytoskeleton. It provides shape and allows the movement of cell organelles

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Origin and Structure of Eukaryotic Cell

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