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Secondary Growth - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Which of the following is completely secondary in origin

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Secondary Growth

Secondary Growth

The growth that occurs along the main axis is called the primary growth. It occurs via the activity of the primary meristem.

  • In most of the monocots and some herbaceous dicots, there is only primary growth.
  • In the majority of angiosperms and gymnosperms, there is an increase in the girth of the stems and roots. Such growth in called the secondary growth. 
  • Secondary growth occurs through the activity of lateral meristem or secondary meristem.
  • Secondary growth occurs in two patterns:
  1. Intrastellar secondary growth: It occurs through vascular cambium. It involves the formation of wood (secondary xylem) and secondary phloem.
  2. Extrastellar secondary  growth: It occurs through the activity of cork cambium. It involves the formation of periderm.

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Secondary Growth

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