Do’s and Don’ts for NEET 2019

Do’s and Don’ts for NEET Do’s and Don’ts for NEET 2019When it comes to NEET, aspirants must be well aware of the do’s and don’ts for NEET 2019. The NEET 2019 do’s and don’ts will help the candidates prepare as well as prevent anything uneventful on the day of the exam. With NTA conducting NEET from 2019, twice, in February and March, aspirants can be overwhelmed by the kind of anticipation that has started to build around the exam. To help the candidates ease into the entire experience Careers360 brings ‘NEET Do’s and Don’ts 2019’.
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The do’s and don’ts for NEET 2019 discusses the certain preparation tips and throws light on some fundamentals that the aspirants should follow in order to achieve the best possible results. The basic pointers of NEET 2019 do’s and don’ts will help aspirants manage their preparations and get organized for the NEET 2019 exam day. Aspirants can go through the list of Do’s and Don’ts for NEET 2019 which candidates must adhere to in the last days leading up to, and also during, the exam.

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The Do’s for NEET 2019

Do prepare your study schedule well in advance – Experts, toppers have a common take when it comes to NEET and that is devising a study schedule well ahead of time. Plan your daily schedule in advance and work towards executing your plan.

Do break the syllabus down: Breakdown the entire syllabus into smaller units and prepare each topic individualy. Also, follow the NEET 2019 chapterwise weightage and important topics and prepare your study schedule with more focus on areas that are likely to fetch better marks.

Do make time for yourselfA relaxing activity which helps to take the mind off the books is also essential while preparing for NEET 2019. This helps in the revitalization and helps to focus better.

Do maintain disciplineMere planning for NEET 2019 will not be enough if one doesn't maintain discipline. One must try and adhere to the schedule that has been planned and follow it sincerely. 

Do practiceRegular practice is the key when it comes to scoring good in NEET. Do take up mock test and solve sample papers from the previous years as much as possible.


NEET 2019 Do’s: Before or of the day of the exam

NEET 2019 Do’s which helps in preventing exam day hurdles.

  • Do visit the examination centre a day before to be accustomed to the route and avoid the rush at the last moment.

  • Do carry your NEET admit card to the examination centre and other essentials as directed on the admit card.

  • Do reach the examination centre on time to be able to follow the procedures that follow without any delay.

  • Do adhere to the guidelines mandated for NEET 2019 dress code and exam day.

NEET 2019 Do’s: During the examination

The listed Do’s for NEET 2019 will guide you through the process which should be followed in the exam hall on exam day.

  • Do remain silent and focus on the questions asked as this helps in time management.

  • As NEET 2019 will be in the online mode, do check that the allotted system works properly. In case of any glitch, make sure to inform the invigilators immediately.

  • Do abide by the instructions of the invigilator regarding filling up of information and examination hour rules and in case of any doubts, get them cleared before attempting anything on your own.

  • Do read instructions and the questions carefully before attempting to answer.

  • Do solve the questions that are easier to tackle first and then attempt the tougher ones.

The Dont’s for NEET 2019

Don’t compareA healthy discussion of topics with fellow candidates can be fruitful, however, one should always try and avoid comparing one’s level of preparation with another. This might lead to panic and anxiety and cause unrest.

Don’t avoid sleepAvoiding sleep can have serious effects on the mental and physical health as well in the long run. Plan your schedule in a manner so that you can maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.

Don’t procrastinateSince the first round of NEET 2019 is to be held in February 2019, it is high time that you don’t let things to pile up. If there is a doubt or query of any kind, it should be solved at the earliest.

Don’t lose confidenceThe scores of the mock tests are not always indicative of actual preparations at times. Don’t let this create panic or spurring of negative thoughts.


NEET 2019 Don'ts: Before or on the day of the exam

The following Don’ts for NEET 2019 will help you beat the stress on or before the exam day.

  • Don’t study afresh at the last minute as it builds up the tension.

  • Don’t carry any kind of item not permitted in the examination centre as it may prevent you from appearing for the examination.

  • Don’t take any sort of eatables inside the exam hall as it is not permitted. Water will be provided to the candidates at the examination hall.

  • Don’t take any barred items in the examination hall.

NEET 2019 Don’ts: During the exam

The following Dont's for NEET 2019 will guide you on things you should not do in the exam hall of NEET.

  • Don’t rush while going through the instructions provided.

  • Don’t discuss with fellow candidates as it is not permitted.

  • Don’t attempt to note down the questions as it may be lead to cancellation of candidature.

  • Don’t leave the examination hall until permitted to do so.

First Published On : 09 Jul 2018 05:15 PM IST

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How much no should be brought in neet to take admission


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I had completed my 12th with pcm then again I had passed 12 with bio single subject am I eligible for neet


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Hey.To be eligible to write the NEET 2019 exam,you  must have passed in Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Bio-technology and English individually in the qualifying examination. And If you belong to the...Read More

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AS I see your marks in NEET UG 2018 you have very less chances of get Seat in Deemed Or Private Universities Colleges. Cutoff for this year for getting any private or deemed Colleges you have to score...Read More