Do’s and Don'ts for NEET 2018

Do’s and Don’ts for NEETDo’s and Don’ts for NEET 2018 – With barely a few days left for NEET, it is important to have a quick rundown of the do’s and don’ts for NEET 2018, which will help candidates beat anxiety and know what to do and what not to do during and before the d-day. The stress of an exam, especially one as competitive as NEET, can be overwhelming. Careers360 brings ‘NEET Do’s and Don’ts 2018’ comprising some basic rules and cautionary advice to be followed by aspirants to make the exam day a pleasant and organized experience.

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The do’s and don’ts for NEET 2018 will bring clarity to candidates’ last-minute revision schedule and guide them on things ranging from what should be taken inside the exam hall, clothes to be worn, etc. Let’s go through the list of Do’s and Don’ts for NEET 2018 which candidates must adhere to in the last days leading up to, and also during, the exam.

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NEET is one of the biggest and most competitive entrance exams of India, and is scheduled this year for Sunday, May 6, 2018. At this point, aspirants would not find a task more difficult than revising and managing preparations for d-day, all at the same time. The simple pointers of NEET 2018 do’s and don’ts will help aspirants manage their preparations and get organized for the NEET 2018 exam day.

NEET 2018 Examination Details

Date of Examination: May 6, 2018

Duration of Examination: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Time of reporting to Exam Centre: Slot A – 7.30 to 8.30 AM

                                                                 Slot B – 8.30 to 9.30 AM

Venue of Examination: As mentioned on the Admit Card

The Do’s for NEET 2018

  • Do take short but regular breaks between study sessions – This should include about a 20 to 30 minute break after a long stretch of studying, and indulging in anything fun that takes one's mind temporarily away from the books.

  • Do exercise – Any form of exercise, be it walking, running or swimming, either in the early morning or evening, can act as a stress-buster.

  • Do talk it out or write if necessary – If the feeling of the exam day becomes overpowering, one should always try and talk with someone they are comfortable sharing their feelings with. If communication does not come naturally, one can easily write down their feelings.

  • Do maintain flexibility – While sticking to the planned timetable is the go-to code for exam preparations, it is also equally important to be flexible. If one is exhausted for the day, then the schedule can be modified accordingly.

  • Do your preparations for D-day – Go through NEET 2018 exam day guidelines once to prevent rushing things at the last minute.

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NEET 2018 Do’s: Before or on the day of the exam

Here are some NEET 2018 Do’s which will help candidates avoid hassles on the exam day.

  • Visit the examination centre a day before the exam itself to know how to reach and avoid the rush at the last moment. Ensure that the examination centre is correct, just in case there are two or more schools/centres with similar names.

  • Carry your NEET admit card to the examination centre, along with your coloured photograph (same as the one pasted on NEET 2018 admit card). 

  • Reach the examination centre on time according to time slot allotted as there will be frisking procedures that would have to be followed on reaching the venue.

  • Stick to the guidelines mandated for NEET 2018 dress code and exam day. 

  • Maintain your calm and be confident.

NEET 2018 Do’s: During the examination

The following Do’s for NEET 2018 will guide you through the process which will be followed in the exam hall on exam day.

  • Maintain silence and stay focused on the question paper as this helps in proper utilization of time.

  • For filling-in of the particulars, use only a black ballpoint pen provided at the examination hall.

  • Ensure that all the information filled in is correct and is according to the guidelines provided.

  • The test-booklet should be thoroughly checked for any missing or torn pages and misprints. If any are found, they must be reported to the invigilator.

  • Obey the instructions of the invigilator regarding filling up of information and examination hour rules and in case of any doubts, get them cleared before attempting anything on your own.

  • Read instructions and the questions carefully before attempting to answer.

  • Try and solve the questions that are easier to tackle first and then attempt the tougher ones.

The Dont’s for NEET 2018

  • Don’t compare – Though discussion of topics with fellow candidates can be of great aid, one should always try and avoid comparing the status of revision or comparing with others. This might further hike up the anxiety levels.

  • Don’t avoid sleep – Unhealthy sleep patterns could take a toll on mental and physical health as well. One should never underestimate the virtues of a proper sleep during this time.

  • Don’t procrastinate – This would seem like the most affordable luxury in these days, but it is always best not to postpone things for later. If there is a doubt or query of any kind, it should be solved at the earliest.

  • Don’t lose confidence – The scores of the mock tests may not always indicate actual preparations at times. Don’t let this create panic or spurring of negative thoughts.  Also, with only a few days left for NEET examination, it would not be the best idea to learn new shortcuts, for it might just create confusion.

NEET 2018 Don'ts: Before or on the day of the exam

The following Don’ts for NEET 2018 will help you beat the stress on or before the exam day.

  • Studying at the last minute should be avoided as it builds up tension.

  • Any kind of item not permitted in the examination centre should not be carried as it may prevent you from appearing for the examination.

  • Taking any sort of eatables inside the exam hall is not permitted. Water will be provided to the candidates at the examination hall.

  • Do not take any barred items in the examination hall.

NEET 2018 Don’ts: During the exam

The following Dont's for NEET 2018 will guide you on things you should not do in the exam hall of NEET.

  • Avoid rushing while going through the instructions provided.

  • The OMR (answer) sheet should not be folded or bear any stray marks.

  • Steer clear of the use of pencils on the OMR sheet to mark answers as these will not be considered.

  • Don’t use fluid or eraser to delete the answer.

  • Marking of more than one response would negate the marks for that question.

  • Don’t leave the examination hall until permitted to do so.

First Published On : 02 May 2018 04:06 PM IST

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