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MBBS From China? Doesn't Guarantee a Great Career in India

MBBS From China? Doesn't Guarantee a Great Career in India

Edited By Aditi Narendra | Updated on Apr 03, 2024 01:12 PM IST | #FMGE

More Indians pursue an MBBS in China than in any other country, outside of India, data on Indian graduates of MBBS abroad writing the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE) shows.

Of the 54, 924 Indian graduates who wrote the FMGE in 2022, 12,963 had opted to study medicine in China and had graduated from 101 Chinese medical colleges – the largest section of the 470 foreign medical colleges from which the FMGE examinees graduated.

Despite the numbers, an MBBS in China for Indian students does not guarantee a career in medicine in India. The FMGE is a licensure exam for graduates who want to practise medicine or study further in India. In 2022, only 1,990 of the 12,963 students who study MBBS in China cleared the exam – a pass percentage of 15.30 per cent. The highest success rate of Indian students who study MBBS in China and give FMGE was seen in 2019. The largest number of Indian graduates of Chinese medical colleges to write the FMGE was in 2022.

MBBS In China For Indian Students

The pass percentage of Indian students who took admission in China for MBBS and upon graduating wrote the FMGE has fallen in the last four years. But the number of colleges to which students are going has risen.

China MBBS University: No. of Colleges with Indian Students


Chinese Medical Colleges









The number of Indian graduates to study MBBS in China and subsequently write the FMGE has risen steadily, from around 10,000 in 2019 to close to 13,000 in 2022.

Indian Graduates from Medical Colleges in China




Pass Percentage

















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The FMGE pass percentage had fallen to its lowest in four years in 2020. It hasn’t risen to the 2019 level yet when it was already a dismal 21.2%.

Medical Colleges in China: An Analysis

Of the 101 medical colleges in China, only 27 colleges meet basic checkpoints of valid accreditation, hospital for internship and practical training, an official website and global ranking. There is a possibility that relevant information about MBBS in China is not accessible as their college websites are in the official language of the country and may not show up on English-dominated search engines.

In this article, Careers360 has analysed 10 colleges for students who wish to pursue MBBS in China. These colleges had the maximum number of Indian graduates appearing for FMGE in 2022. These were also the only colleges that met the basic requirements given above. Further, there is also a comparison of the annual MBBS in China fee structure 2024.

The table below shows how the selected 10 colleges for MBBS in China fare with regard to FMGE, accreditation, ranking, facilities and fees. Where data could not be accessed, the fields are blank.

FMGE 2022: Appeared and Passed Indian Medical Graduates From China









China Medical University




St. Tereza Medical University




Chongqing Medical University




Jiamusi University School of Medicine




Weifang Medical University




Dali University School of Medicine




Soochow University Medical College




Beihua University School of Medicine




Wuhan University School of Medicine




Yangzhou University College of Medicine




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Note: For ease of the readers, we converted the fees of the respective colleges into Indian currency.

China MBBS University: Accreditation Status

The accreditation status of an educational institution is an official testament indicating its compliance with quality standards. Educational institutions receive accreditation after a thorough evaluation by national or private accrediting bodies. It was found that only three of the 10 colleges discussed above, for MBBS in China, had valid accreditation. These are

  • China Medical University: A total of 582 Indian graduates appeared for the FMGE 2022 from this college of whom 105 passed.

  • Chongqing Medical University: This college recorded 488 Indian graduates appearing for FMGE; 63 succeeded.

  • Soochow University Medical College: 376 Indian graduates wrote FMGE; only 42 could clear it.

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All these were accredited by the medical body of China -Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education.

Best MBBS In China: Global Ranking

A global ranking implies widespread recognition of the quality and reputation of institutions. Global rankings such as Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), Times Higher Education (THE), Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) are respected across the globe.

Of the 10 colleges analysed here for MBBS in China, Careers360 found only three universities held a global rank, usually in the CWUR and/or ARWU. These are:

  • China Medical University (CWUR: 727; ARWU Rank: 201 - 300)

  • Chongqing Medical University (CWUR: 739 ; ARWU Rank: 601-700)

  • Soochow University Medical College (ARWU Rank: 151 - 200)

MBBS In China 2024: Internship

National Medical Council (NMC) guidelines require Indian medical colleges to be associated with operational hospitals to facilitate practical training of medical students. Of the colleges mentioned in the table above for MBBS in China for Indian students, we know of only seven that are associated with a hospital.

Of these seven colleges, three – Weifang Medical University, Dali University School of Medicine and Soochow University Medical College – do not own a hospital but are associated with other hospitals where undergraduates who study medicine in China undergo practical training.

Careers360 cannot ascertain if China Medical University, Chongqing Medical University, Beihua University School of Medicine, Wuhan University School of Medicine, have their own hospital or an affiliated hospital.

MBBS Admission In China 2024: Duration and Degree

After completing five-and-a-half years of medical education (including a year-long practical training) graduates are awarded an MBBS degree in India. However, the duration and degree awarded upon completion of a medical undergraduate programme varies from country to country. In China, medical graduates are either awarded a Bachelor of Medicine (BMed) or MBBS. The ideal duration of these undergraduate programmes to study medicine in China is six years.

China Medical University Admission: Official Websites

A fully functional college website provides details about the admission processes, curriculum, faculty profiles, amenities, and other useful information for prospective students.

Eight of the 101 medical colleges in China have no website or have a poorly-constructed website. There is no mention of tuition fees, duration of the MBBS programme, and other necessary details.

On analysing the 10 colleges offering MBBS in China for Indian Students mentioned in the table above, it was found that only seven of them have a website. These are:

  • China Medical University

  • Chongqing Medical University

  • Weifang Medical University

  • Dali University School of Medicine

  • Beihua University School of Medicine

  • Wuhan University School of Medicine

  • Yangzhou University College of Medicine

These seven colleges have detailed contact information including phone numbers with the country code of China and an official email address for correspondence.

MBBS In China Fee Structure 2024

In private Indian colleges, the average annual fee for medical courses is around Rs 17 lakh. This is much higher than the average annual cost of studying MBBS in China, which is about Rs 6.81 lakh per annum. This probably is the major reason why so many medical aspirants who qualify for NEET go for an MBBS programme outside India.

Careers360 could find public information on fees for just four of the Chinese medical institutions. They are listed below.

MBBS In China For Indian Students Fee Structure 2024


Annual Fees(INR)



China Medical University




Chongqing Medical University




Dali University School of Medicine




Yangzhou University College of Medicine-




Careers360 compared the China MBBS cost annually. The annual fees of these colleges are low, compared to the cost of MBBS in private colleges and deemed-to-be universities in India. That said, the number of graduates from these colleges clearing the FMGE is low too.


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Questions related to FMGE

Have a question related to FMGE ?

Hii There,

If you're facing difficulties applying for exams due to your 12th certificate being from the Urdu board, you may need to contact the exam conducting authority or the institution you're applying to for further assistance. They should be able to provide you with guidance on how to proceed with your application despite the certificate being from a different board. It's possible that they may require additional documentation or have specific instructions for candidates with certificates from non-traditional boards.

I hope this answers your question.


Hello aspirant

Do not worry if you have class xii certificate from Urdu board . Urdu board is recognised by Indian government .

Also if you have completed your medical course or  mbbs from abroad then you will be eligible for fmge if you fulfill all other criteria.

Candidates who have completed their meducal degree fromAustrslia, Canada, Newzealand, United states and United kingdom are not required to appear for fmge.

The National Board Of Examination in medical Sciences conducts fmge for the candidates who have completed their primary medical study from abroad and wish to do medical  practice in India,  every year in wo sessions December and June.

Fmge exam is conducted through online mode .

Fees for the exam is 7080

Duration ov exam will be 150 minutes for part A and 150 minutes for part B.

For details you may visit through the link given below

Hello aspirant

If your father and mother's names are interchanged, you must write a mail to official website of neet .

You should inform the authority about it . You must mention your application number and neet admit card number.

Visit at

Log in using your registration number .

Neet is the biggest entrance exam applicable to most of medical courses . It will be held on May 5, 2024.

The candidates will have provision to make corrections in neet registration form during neet correction widow process . It will be in the second week of April 2024

For neet college prediction you may visit the link given below

Hello aspirant,

Hope you are doing great.

As per your question, though you have submitted the duplicate certificate, you need to submit the original one during the internship process, then only they will consider you for the internship process. So go to the board and you will get the original one.

Hope this helps you!!

Hello aspirant

If your date of birth is entered wrong in fmge exam and as you are mentioning that uou have passed the exam why you haven't change it before.

Anyways it may create problem in future , you may have issues for getting jobs or practising .

so you must try to correct it. You must send an email to the official website .

You may create an affidavit too and present your ID proof with your correct birth date .

FMGE is exam for candidates who have completed mbbs from foreign countries and want to practice in india.

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