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NEET 2023 Topper Kaustav Bauri's Interview- AIR 3

NEET 2023 Topper Kaustav Bauri's Interview- AIR 3

Edited By Raushan Kumar | Updated on Sep 01, 2023 03:47 PM IST | #NEET
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NEET 2023 Topper: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the highly expected NEET UG 2023 result on June 13 at Along with result, NTA has also released the NEET 2023 toppers list. Meet Kaustav Bauri, the NEET 2023 topper, whose dedication, unwavering support from his parents, and guidance from teachers helped him to exceed his own expectations.

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Kaustav whose father is a professor in IIT Madras has scored 716 out of 720. Kaustav's interest in science and support from his mother has given him the motivation and persuasion to choose medicine as a career and appear for NEET UG Kaustav credited his parents and his teachers at Aakash BYJU's for his NEET success. In conversation with Careers360, Kaustav Bauri (AIR 3), NEET 2023 Topper shares his experiences, challenges, and insights that helped him secure the top rank in one of India’s toughest entrance tests.

Careers360: Congratulations on your NEET 2023 results! How are your feelings about this achievement?

Kaustav Bauri: I am feeling overwhelmed, really happy. I actually exceeded my own expectations with this result.

Careers360: Tell us something about yourself. Where did you complete your schooling and what about your family?

Kaustav Bauri: I completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya in IIT Madras. My father is actually a professor at IIT Madras and my mother works as an HR lead at Accenture. It's a corporate company. That's great. The thing is my parents have been really supportive of my goal and especially my mother, she pushed me a lot to, you know, get that 700-plus score. And in the end, I exceeded my own expectations as well as her expectations.

Careers360: What motivated you to choose medicine as a career? When did you decide to become a doctor?

Kaustav Bauri: My interest in science was the main reason. Also, my mother had, you know, given me that motivation and persuasion to choose medicine as a career. So in 11th standard, I had chosen medical for coaching in Aakash.

Careers360: Considering that there is such a hectic schedule, how did you manage?

Kaustav Bauri: I didn't have a fixed schedule of when I should study and when I shouldn't. I mean, I can study whenever I want to. But I have to study properly. I don't want to get distracted. So I tried my best to study properly.

Careers360: What were the most challenging subjects or how did you overcome the difficulties in mastering them?

Kaustav Bauri: In the beginning, I had some issues in my first project I had to cover it up after completing 12 syllabus which was in 11th, the backlogs and all I didn't find any particular subject difficult but the subject I had to work on the most was Physics.

Careers360: During the preparation time did you face any moment of self-doubt, if yes then what kept you motivated and focused on your goal?

Kaustav Bauri: Yes, in some mock tests my marks were not as good as I wanted them to be So at that time I was feeling a little dejected definitely But my teachers and my parents told me to be strong Everything will be fine everything will be fine in the end. So I mean I also tried to motivate myself that if I work hard, I will definitely succeed. So I didn't give up. I kept working and in the end I got the results.

Careers360: Apart from your academic studies, did you engage in any extracurricular activities or did you have any hobbies during your preparation time?

Kaustav Bauri: I play chess, I used to go out and play sports like football, and badminton.

Careers360: How did you prioritize certain topics of all NEET subjects?

Kaustav Bauri: I think I divided up the topics to be completed. I mean I have to complete human physiology by this month or I have to complete inorganic chemistry by the end of May. So I have set small goals and tried to complete them.

Careers360: What was your exam day strategy? What was the roughest and the easiest section, according to you?

Kaustav Bauri: Mostly, even if I studied well, that exam fear would still be there. So one month before the actual NEET exam, Aakash BYJU's had conducted a series of mock tests due to which my exam fear was completely gone. So I was feeling very free on the day of the exam and it turned out to be pretty good.

Careers360: Which college is your dream college for studying medicine? What is your aspiration in the field of medicine, and which specialization would you be interested in?

Kaustav Bauri: My dream college is AIIMS New Delhi. In the future, I will choose Oncology. I will say that cancer is a dangerous disease. I want to develop more early diagnosis techniques for that.

Careers360: To whom do you attribute your successful NEET topper journey?

Kaustav Bauri: First of all, my parents and my teachers at Aakash BYJU's kept motivating me, and kept pushing me for that 700-plus score. These are some of the people I want to attribute my success to.

Careers360: What would you suggest to future NEET aspirants in terms of preparation, attitude, etc?

Kaustav Bauri: Preparation-wise, I would say ideally they should not leave any backlogs. If they are still there, then work on what you know and then cover up the backlogs. And as far as initial preparation is concerned, they should read their NCERT textbooks thoroughly because they are super important for need especially.

And the regular practice of questions also is quite necessary. And if possible, please keep giving mock tests when exams are near. By giving mock tests, you can know where you are making mistakes and which areas need to be strengthened.


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Hello aspirant

If you belong to obc category then you have high chances of getting government college with 380 marks but through All India Quota , which course you will be offered to you , can't be predicted now . It will depend upon neet cur iff which ultimately depends upon , students appeared,  difficulty level of exam,  normalisation process,  availability of seat,  previous year's cut off etc.  See for AIQ only 15% seats are offered so it will be difficult to get mbbs, bds

Qualifying percentile For obc category is 40 percentile.

For rank and college prediction you may visit the links given below

Hello aspirant,

The cutoff of colleges changes every year as it depends on the number of applicants, exam difficulty level etc. But at 438 score, you have good chances of getting BDS seat in good colleges. I suggest you to try to get admission in this year only.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hello Akshat

You havd taken taken 2 years drop .Neet exam was. Commenced in this month only . Again you can appear next year if you want to prepare.

You have not mentioned your exact marks .

It is not possible to just predict medical Course and college .

Even you won't get bds seat with 200+ marks . These days die to fierce competition  , you need 400 marks for bds Course.

With your exact score we can just assume .

Wait for this year's neet results ,

Admissions are based on Neet cut off. Cut iff changes every year , also it depends upon Number of students appeared,  Toughness level of exam. Previous year's cut off etc .

For college prediction you may visit the link given below

Hello aspirant

We can't predict neet cut off of any specific college at this time  as cut off keeps changing every year. Cut off depends upon Number of candidates appeared in exam, difficulty level of exam,  , seat intake and previous year's cut off .

Cut off varies with category too  just as , for general category candidate neet qualifying  marks are 50 percentile

For sc/st/ obc category candidate qualifying marks are 40 percentile whereas for ews/pwd it is 45 percentile.

Cut off varies with medical Course too for example cut off neet  ( kpc , jadavpu r ) for MD in general medicine 2021 was rank 25955 whereas 2022 MD in general medicine was rank 16986 so let's wait for results

Hello aspirant

Yes you may change your category in your second attempt for neet provided you must have category certificate.

If you will apply for ews category,  you will have to present ews certificate,  for sc or ST category,  you must present sc or ST certificate .

Even for state quota seats candidates are given medical seats on the basis of state domicile otherwise the candidate is not able to get that seat even if he or she belongs to that particular state.

So be prepared with your necessary documents if you wish to try neet for the second time with new category.

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Column II ( Their location)



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Option: 3

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\left ( C_{2}H_{5} \right )_{3} - C- OH

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