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NEET Retest 2024: Grace marks cancelled for 1563 students, NEET re-exam on June 23

NEET Retest 2024: Grace marks cancelled for 1563 students, NEET re-exam on June 23

Edited By Deep pathak | Updated on Jun 21, 2024 06:03 PM IST | #NEET
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The Supreme Court has cancelled the NEET UG 2024 results for 1563 candidates who were given grace marks. NTA will conduct NEET 2024 re-test for these students on June 23. The NEET UG results for students who do not wish to appear for the re-examination will be based on the exam held on May 5. Amidst the NEET UG 2024 controversy surrounding cheating, paper leaks, and irregularities in the results, Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan said, that the Central government would take the strictest of actions against functionaries of the NTA if they were found to be involved in irregularities in the conduct of the NEET 2024." The Supreme Court earlier issued a notice to NTA on a plea seeking a fresh NEET 2024 exam. "Sanctity of NEET has affected, we need answers," says SC. The court, however, has refused to put a stay on the NEET counselling.
Will NTA reconduct NEET UG 2024? | Check NTA's clarification on NEET UG 2024 results

NEET Retest 2024: Grace marks cancelled for 1563 students, NEET re-exam on June 23
NEET Retest 2024: Grace marks cancelled for 1563 students, NEET re-exam on June 23

The NTA also refused that the NEET 2024 paper was leaked. Earlier, Education Ministry at a press conference clarified that the NEET UG 2024 was conducted fairly all over the country and the integrity of the exam was not compromised. The Ministry will set up a panel to review the grace marks awarded to over 1,563 students in NEET UG 2024. The panel would review the NEET results of these students and submit a report within a week.

Earlier, NTA issued NTA notice on NEET UG 2024 results explaining clarification on the cutoffs, compensatory marks for loss of time, toppers, transparency in the examination process and unfair means cases. The NEET exam saw the participation of over 24 lakh candidates and the National Testing Agency (NTA) released the NEET 2024 result 10 days before the scheduled date on June 4. However, the NEET result has left many students and parents dissatisfied and people are asking for justice for NEET 2024 students. The social media platform Twitter is flooded with the NEET scam 2024 news.

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The public is demanding an inquiry into the NEET 2024 exam. Hashtags like “#NEET”, “#NEETfraud”, “#NEET_paper_leak”, “#neetscam2024”, “#NEET_reconduct”, and many more are trending on Twitter. People are also asking “Will there be re NEET 2024”?. Many people have filed complaints against the NTA citing the irregularities and the unusual timing of the result declaration and are demanding for NEET re-exam. Many people are also alleging that NTA declared the NEET result purposely on June 4, clashing with the Lok Sabha elections to hide its failure to ensure a fair examination.

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Detailed Video on NEET 2024 Result Scam

Latest updates on Supreme Court decision on NEET UG today 2024

June 16, 2024- 1:00 PM

Dharmendra Pradhan on NEET 2024 result controversy

“With regards to NEET, two types of irregularities have come to the light. As per preliminary findings, some students were allotted less time than the designated duration, leading to widespread dissatisfaction. Alternatively, grace marks were awarded, which the government had already disapproved, and [the government] directed re-examination for 1,563 students as per the Supreme Court order,” says Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan

June 13, 2024- 11:00 AM

NEET re-test 2024: Exam to be re-conducted for 1563 students

The Supreme Court, on June 13 has decided to give an option to 1563 asprinats to take the NEET 2024 again. The results of these students will be cancelled and those who do not wish to take the re-test will be given marks based on the exam taken on May 5.

June 10- 12:00 PM:

NEET 2024 controversy: Court seeks NTA's response by July 8

The SC has asked NTA to submit a response on NEET 2024 paper leak by July 8. NEET 2024 counselling is expected to begin soon for MBBS, BDS, BSc nursing, AYUSH & Veterinary Courses.

June 10- 11:45 AM:

No stay on NEET counselling 2024

The SC has also refused to put a stay on the counselling process of NEET UG 2024.

June 10- 11:30 AM:

Supreme Court issues notice to NTA over paper leak

The Supreme Court (SC), on June 10 issued a notice to the National Testing Agency on the plea to cancel NEET 2024 over paper leak. ."Sanctity has been affected, so we need answers," the bench tells NTA.

June 10- 11:00 AM

NEET UG result controversy: Student protest against irregularities

Several students groups, including the Students' Federation of India (SFI), All-India Students’ Association (AISA), Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU), staged a protest ON June 9 at the ministry of Education urging to scrap the National Testing Agency (NTA) citing irregularities in NEET results 2024.

NEET result 2024 scam controversy: What’s the major catch?

As soon as the NTA declared the NEET UG 2024 result, various images and posts started circulating on social media. Whether it is the number of toppers with AIR 1, scores of 718 and 719, 8 toppers from the single exam centre or the normalisation criteria which is implemented for the loss time for the first time, the NEET 2024 result shocked everyone and quickly became the talk of the town overnight.

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NEET 2024 controversy: Will NEET 2024 be conducted again?

All these controversies revolving around the NEET UG result have sparked a conversation on whether will there be a NEET re-exam. While the National Testing Agency (NTA) has not made any official announcement about the re-conduct of NEET UG 2024, there have been multiple petitions filed in the Supreme Court requesting a re-examination due to allegations of paper leaks. The Supreme Court has declined to halt the declaration of results but has agreed to review the case and has issued a notice on the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a re-conduct of the NEET UG examination.

NEET Result Outrage: Expert’s weigh in on the controversy

NEET 2024 scam controversy in chronological order

All the controversies that are revolving around the NEET 2024 exam are discussed in brief below. We’ll also discuss some of the major irregularities which hint that the NEET 2024 exam paper was leaked and NTA purposely released the result before its scheduled time.

  • NEET Cheating Scam 2024 - Just 2 days before the NEET exam, a serious issue has arisen involving an alleged cheating scam. Parshuram Roy, owner of a foreign education consultancy, and Tushar Bhatt, a school teacher, along with at least 16 students from Gujarat, have been accused of fraud. These individuals allegedly paid Rs 10 lakh each to fraudulently pass the NEET exam.

  • Question Paper Leaks - Despite the NTA's denial of any question paper leaks, rumours have been circulating on social media about compromised exam papers. A video of a man alleging that the NEET 2024 exam paper is leaked, started circulating on social media. The agency however dismissed these claims as baseless, but the controversy continued to surround the exam. Many people demanded NTA for NEET re-exam after this.

  • Unusual Series in NEET 2024 Results - NTA released the full statistics of NEET 2024 on June 4. As soon as the stats were released, it raised the eyebrows of many people due to various irregularities, claiming it NEET result 2024 scam. A record number of 67 students scored 720 marks and achieved AIR 1. For the first time in the history of the NEET exam, these many students have scored 720 marks. Also, out of these 67 students, 8 are from the same examination centre in Haryana.

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As if people were not surprised by the 8 toppers from the same centre, what raised the doubt is that the roll numbers of all 8 toppers are in the same series. This unusual pattern has led to speculation about a coordinated cheating effort or a breach in the NEET 2024 exam process. Now people are demanding for NEET re-exam.


  • All India Rank for Counselling rank - 67 candidates have scored AIR 1 in the NEET 2024 exam. Although all these 67 students are rank 1 holders, their All India Rank for Counselling has been declared in the decimal by the NTA. NTA has not stated on what basis these counselling ranks have been distributed among the 67 AIR 1 holders, raising questions about the fair conduct in NEET UG 2024.


  • Controversy on NTA NEET New Tie-Breaking Criteria - With the declaration of the NEET 2024 result, the NTA also introduced a new tie-breaking criteria for NEET 2024. The usual NEET tie-breaking criteria prioritise candidates with higher marks in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, followed by those with lower ratios of attempted incorrect answers.


This year NTA introduced a new tie-breaking criterion, which prioritises candidates with the NEET application numbers in ascending order. This new tie-breaking criteria has been met with criticism from students and educators.

  • Grace marks in NEET 2024 result - Another major issue that has gathered attention from all is the irregular marks of some of the candidates. Many candidates have scored in the range of 717 to 719 due to grace marks in NEET 2024, which is highly unusual as per the NEET exam marking scheme.


As per the NEET exam marking criteria, 4 marks are awarded for a correct answer, 1 mark is deducted for a wrong answer, and 0 marks are awarded for any unattempted question. Now if we follow the NTA’s NEET marking scheme,

Example - Let us suppose If a candidate has answered all the 180 questions correctly, then his/her score will be a perfect score of 720, which is good. But if any candidate has answered only 179 questions correctly, and has either 1 question wrong or unattempted, then the NEET score should be 715 or 716. In short, the highest marks in the NEET exam can be either 720 and the second highest marks can be 716.

  • NTA’s Clarification on NEET scores of 718, and 719 - The NTA has clarified that the grace marks were awarded to candidates who lost exam time, and the normalisation formula was applied to address this issue. But what raises the concern is the NTA has not provided any explanation on how the lost exam time was decided for each student, and how did they measure the lost exam time.


Why the rush in declaring the NEET result 10 days earlier?

The declaration of the NEET 2024 result 10 days before the scheduled result date has raised questions about the credibility of the NTA. The NEET UG 2024 result was supposed to be declared on June 14 as per the information bulletin of NEET. However, to everyone’s surprise, NTA declared the NEET result on June 4, the same date as the Lok Sabha election 2024 results were declared.

Many experts are citing that NTA purposely declared the NEET result on the day of Lok Sabha election result day. They believe that the NTA did this to hide its failure of fair conduct of the NEET exam and the public gets busy with the election results. An expert said, “Had the result been declared as per the scheduled date, the NEET result 2024 scam would have got a lot more attention from the media, but due to the Lok Sabha election, most of the media houses didn’t bother about the NEET scam 2024”.

Is re-NEET 2024 possible?

A writ petition has been submitted to the Supreme Court of India requesting a re-conduction of the NEET UG 2024 examination due to allegations of question paper leakage and irregularity in the NEET results. Despite this, the Supreme Court has rejected the plea to halt the release of the NEET UG exam results.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has affirmed that the examination was conducted impartially and no substantial evidence of a paper leak has been discovered. The potential for a re-NEET 2024 remains unclear as of now and will be determined by the verdict of the petition and any subsequent advancements in the matter. If the Supreme Court of India finds any conclusive evidence regarding the NEET paper leak and irregularities in the result, there is a high chance that the NEET exam may be re-conducted.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is NEET scam 2024?

After the announcement of NEET results, a lot of students and experts have started raising concerns. Hashtags such as #NEETfruad, #NEETscam started trending on social media platform 'X'. Amidst all the allegations on NTA related to the NEET result scam 2024, NTA released a clarification explaining the reasons behind high cutoff, toppers, paper leak and other irregularities. 

2. Will NTA reconduct NEET?

NEET 2024 will be re-conducted on June 23 for students provided grace marks. 

3. Is there any scam in NEET 2024 result?

As per the National Testing Agency, there is no scam in NEET 2024 results. 

4. Will there be re-NEET 2024?

Yes, NTA to conduct re-NEET on June 23. 


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Questions related to NEET

Have a question related to NEET ?

Hell aspirant

No you won't get BAMS seat in any college without neet.

NEET is national eligibility entrance test.  It is the biggest entrance exam If India and applicable to various medical courses such as mbbs, bds, Physiotherapy,  bams,  bhms, Ayush and even verrinary science.

Without neet you may go for various paramedical courses like DMLT,  Bsc  in Microbiology,  Diploma in anaesthesia , Bsc in nutrition and Dietics, zoology .

For details you may refer the following link.

Hello aspirant

With 192 marks you have qualified neet and you may have chances of getting bsc nursing but which college you will get depends upon neet cut off. Cut iff keeps changing every year anc depends upon certain factors such as number of candidates appeared in exam,  Toughness level of exam and previous year's cut off etc.

You may try in following colleges

Jawaharlal nehru Institute,  puducherry

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  • Neurology Focuses on: Neurologists diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system, including:
    • Stroke
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    • Alzheimer's Disease
    • Parkinson's Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Migraines
    • Brain tumors
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Infections of the nervous system

    • During MBBS:

      Your medical school curriculum will likely include dedicated modules or courses on neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neurological disorders. You might have exams or assessments within these courses to test your knowledge.

      Some medical schools might incorporate neurology topics into comprehensive exams covering various medical disciplines.

    • After MBBS:

      There is no single "neurology score" after MBBS. However, if you pursue specialization in Neurology, there would be specific exams you'd need to pass to become a certified neurologist. This typically involves residency programs or fellowship training in neurology, with evaluations throughout the program.

      I hope it helps!

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You can leave your bams seat in karnataka . Bit you won't get refund of fees .

For pursuing law again you have to start from class xii. You can pursue law course on the basis of class xii , you will have to appear for entrance exam CLAT .

Eligibility for appearing clat is to have passed class xii with minimum 45% marks from any reputed university.

There is three years LLB and  five years LLB .

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Hello aspirant

If you belong to obc category then neet cut off for obc category candidate is 40th percentile ie score between 163 to 129.

For getting bhms seat even with obc category , with 154 marks seems difficult and depends upon cut off b

Neet.  Cut off changes every year and depends upon various factors such as number of candidates appeared in exam,  difficulty level of exam,  seat intake and previous year's cut off etc.

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Column II ( Their location)



Below tongue

Sub-maxillary / sub-mandibular


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a(ii), b(i), c(iii)


Option: 3

a(i), b(iii), c(ii)

Option: 4

a(iii), b(ii), c(i)

Ethyl \; ester \xrightarrow[(excess)]{CH_{3}MgBr} P

the product 'P' will be ,

Option: 1

Option: 2

Option: 3

\left ( C_{2}H_{5} \right )_{3} - C- OH

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Prevents blood from going backward from the pulmonary artery to the right ventricle.

    II   Mitral valve     B

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    III   Pulmonic valve     C

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    IV   Tricuspid valve     D

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Option: 1

I – A , II – B, III – C, IV – D

Option: 2

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Option: 4

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Column A Column B

a) Organisation of cellular contents and further cell growth.  


b) Leads to formation of two daughter cells.


c) Cell grows physically and increase volume proteins,organells.


d)  synthesis and replication of DNA.

Match the correct option as per the process shown in the diagram. 




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Option: 2


Option: 3



Option: 4


0.014 Kg of N2 gas at 27 0C is kept in a closed vessel. How much heat is required to double the rms speed of the N2 molecules?

Option: 1

3000 cal

Option: 2

2250 cal

Option: 3

2500 cal

Option: 4

3500 cal

0.16 g of dibasic acid required 25 ml of decinormal NaOH solution for complete neutralisation. The modecular weight of the acid will be

Option: 1


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0.5 F of electricity is passed through 500 mL of copper sulphate solution. The amount of copper (in g) which can be deposited will be:

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