NEET 2019 Counselling: FAQs
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NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Qualifying NEET is only half the job done, as the next focus of the candidate is counselling. The general trend among candidates is to apply through MCC first while keeping state counselling as the second option. But the NEET counselling process is a bit of a puzzle that unless one spends some time to decipher, can cause both mental and financial pain. Sample this - if you apply for NEET 2019 counselling by MCC, and get offered a seat in Round 2, you have two options - to accept it or exit the counselling process. If you choose the first and join allotted college, you cannot participate in any subsequent rounds of counselling, including state counselling. But if you exit, you have to forfeit security money, but you can participate in state counselling. There are many such confusing details that are NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs would help you clarify.

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A brief about NEET 2019

Before we start our session on NEET Counselling 2019 FAQs, here is a brief highlight of the exam:

  • NEET is a national-level exam for admission to MBBS/BDS courses in medical colleges in India.

  • The exam is now conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). It was previously conducted by CBSE

  • The exam was attempted by around than 15.2 lakh candidates this year

  • NEET 2019 was conducted in pen-and-paper based mode

  • The result of NEE 2019 has been declared on June 5

  • Only such candidates who qualify in the exam are eligible to participate in NEET 2019 counselling.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs

Here we bring you queries on NEET 2019 counselling conducted by MCC/DGHS. The NEET Counselling 2019 FAQs have been placed in separate headers, so that you can quickly find the answer to the question you are looking for.

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NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - General

Question: MCC/DGHS will do Counseling for which Colleges/ Universities?
Answer: MCC/DGHS will be conduct counseling for:

  • 15% AIQ seats

  • All seats (100%) of Deemed and Central Universities, ESIC &

The Central Universities are Delhi University, AMU & BHU. Both Institutional and Domicile Quota seats in these institutes will be filled through the central counselling conducted by MCC/DGHS.

Question: Counselling will be conducted in online or offline mode?
Answer: NEET 2019 counselling will be centralized and will be conducted in online mode.

Question: Is NEET qualification required to participate in counselling process of MCC?
Answer: Yes, the candidate needs to have qualified in NEET 2019 scoring minimum prescribed percentile in their respective category to participate in counselling process.

Question: Who will conduct counselling for state quota seats and private colleges?
Answer: The respective State Counselling Authorities will be responsible for conducting counselling of 85% State Quota (100% in case of Jammu and Kashmir) and private colleges.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Eligibility

Question: Who can participate in counselling for 15% AIQ seats?

Answer: Any candidate who has qualified for All India Quota are eligible for the counselling process.
Question: Who are eligible for admission to Deemed Universities?

Answer: Admission to Deemed Universities will be done purely on the basis of NEET UG 2019 AIQ rank. So, any candidate who has qualified in the exam for AIQ conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) can apply.

Question: Who are eligible for ESIC Counseling?

Answer: 15% ESI seats would be filled through All India Quota and seats that are unfilled after contribution to state quota would be set aside for candidates who are sons and daughters of Insured persons of ESI.

Question: What is the eligibility criteria for admission to AFMS?
Answer: Candidates seeking admission to AFMS can register with MCC expressing willingness of admission to the institute. The list of such candidates will be sent to AFMS, which will conduct offline counselling of such candidates. The offline counselling will include physical fitness and personality. The result of the test will be then sent back to MCC, who will display the allotment result on its website.

Question: How many rounds of counselling will be held for Deemed and Central Universities?

Answer: There will two rounds of counselling for AIQ seats, while a mop-up round round will also be held for Central/Deemed Universities/ESIC quota seats. And if there are vacant seats left after completion of these rounds, such seats will be filled through a Stray Vacant Round of counselling to be constituted at institute-level.

For Stray Vacant Round, list of ten times the number of vacancies will be sent to respective institutes by DGHS. The allotment will be strictly on the basis of merit only.

Question: Will MCC/DGHS also conduct counselling for 85% State Quota seats of Central Universities, and for which universities?

Answer: MCC/DGHS will conduct counselling for 85% State Quota seats of Delhi University, with domicile preference to be given during seat allotment.

Question: Can Andhra Pradesh & Telangana students participate in 15% AIQ/Deemed Universities/AFMC/ESIC/Central Universities counselling?

Answer: Yes, from last year onward, candidates from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana are eligible to participate in NEET counselling conducted by MCC.

Question: Can I participate in state counselling, if I have been allotted a seat in Round 2 of counselling conducted by MCC/DGHS?

Answer: A candidate can exit the counselling process provided they haven’t joined the allotted college. Also, they will have to forfeit the security money, after which they will be eligible for participating in state counselling.

However, if the candidate joins the allotted college, s/he can’t exit or surrender allotted seat. They will also not be able to participate in any other round of counselling, including state counselling. The name of candidates who have joined in Round 2 will be forwarded to all state counselling authorities prohibiting their participation.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Reservation

Question: What is the admission and reservation policy of the Central Universities?
Answer: While the counselling for all Central Universities will be conducted by MCC/DGHS, the reservation policy may vary as shown in the table below:

Central University

Institutional Quota


Delhi University (LHMC,UCMS, MAMC)

85% seats are reserved for candidates who have studied 11th & 12th grade in Delhi


Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

50% institutional reservation for the candidates who have studied from AMU schools for last 3 years




100% seats open for All India Quota candidates

Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

03 (Three) seats of BDS reserved under
internal quota.

Students who have passed
qualifying examination (X or XII) from Jamia Schools as regular students are eligible for internal quota seats.

47 (forty seven) seats of BDS are AIQ seats

Question: Do I need to report in person at any venue to participate in AIQ NEET UG 2019 counselling process?
Answer: NEET counselling 2019 for AIQ seats will be conducted by in online mode; also the counselling process will be centralized. So the candidate will be able to do online registration and exercise choice filling from any place with an internet connection.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - AIQ Rank Vs. AIR

Question: What is All India Rank (AIR)?
Answer: All India Rank (AIR) is the overall rank of a candidate among successful candidates of NEET UG on All India basis. In other words, AIR is the combined rank of candidates belonging to reserved categories and open category. Please note, no candidate will be excluded from the AIR, provided he/she has qualified in the exam.

Question: What is All India Quota Rank?
Answer: The All India Quota Rank is the overall rank of candidates not including candidates from Jammu and Kashmir. AIQ rank will be used for filling All India Quota seats. As per directions of the Supreme Court, the candidates from J&K are not eligible to participate for 15% All India Quota counselling.

Question: Whether the candidates having All India Rank (AIR) / All India Quota Rank)
called for All India Quota Counseling, are eligible for counseling anywhere?
Answer: Candidates who are listed in AIQ NEET UG Merit List are eligible for admission to 15% All India Quota seats only. The counselling for AIQ seats will be conducted by Medical Counseling Committee (MCC), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, & Government of India.

However, counselling for State Quota, private medical and dental seats will be conducted by respective state State Government/Admission Authority & Directorate of Medical Education.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Seat Allotment Process

Question: What is the process of online seat allotment process?

Answer: The step-by-step NEET 2019 seat allotment process is described below:

  1. Registration for counselling and payment

  2. Filling and locking of choices

  3. Seat Allotment – Round I

  4. Reporting at allotted college (free entry/exit option available)

  5. Publication of net vacant seats

  6. Registration and fresh choice submission for Round 2 (Already registered candidates don’t have to register again).

  7. Seat Allotment - Round 2 (exit option available, but only with forfeiture of security money)

  8. Reporting at allotted college. Any candidate who joins a college after Round 2 seat allotment can’t vacate it.

There will be only two rounds of counselling for All India Quota seats. There will be no mop-up round for AIQ seats.

Mop Up Round for Deemed/ Central Universities

  1. Fresh Registration for Mop up Round (already registered candidates don’t have to register again)

  2. Filling and locking of choices

  3. Seat Allotment

  4. Reporting at allotted college

  5. Stray Vacancy Round. DGHS will send list of candidates, 10 times the number of vacant seats, to colleges for Stray Vacancy Round.

  6. Please note that there will be no fresh registration for stray-vacancy round.

  7. Final Stray Vacancy Round will be conducted by Deemed/ Central Universities

Question: Will there be any mock seat allotment?

Answer: Result of Mock Counselling and Indicative Seat Allotment can be checked during registration for Round I.

Another way to get an idea about seat one may be allotted based on one’s rank is to go to medical counselling page, select Undergraduate (for previous year), and then click on the composite allotment list. Please remember that the information is indicative only.

Question: Will there be any mock counselling and indicative allotment for second and mop-up?
Answer: No mock counselling or indicative allotment will be held for second and mop-up round.

Question: If I mistakenly opt for Deemed Universities seats instead of All India Quota (AIQ), can it be corrected?
Answer. The candidate can fix the problem using the reset initialization option provided at registration page. But note that the facility can be used only once.

Question: Can I participate in subsequent round if I join the seat allotted in Round I?

Answer: The candidate who is allotted a seat has to join the allotted college and complete admission formalities, post which he/she can exercise option to participate in subsequent round and also opt for up-gradation at the allotted college.

Since free entry and exit rules apply for Round 1, candidates can surrender their allotted seats in Round I, if they wish to do so and can still participate in next round (Round 2). For Round 2, they can use the same User ID & Password as used for Round 1. Candidates who are allotted a seat in Round 1 but do not join are also eligible to participate in Round 2.

Question: If a candidate does not report at allotted college after seat allotment in Round 2, does he/she has to register again for Mop Up round conducted for Deemed/ Central Universities?

Answer: Yes, the candidate can participate in Mop Up round after fresh registration. But note that the candidate will have to forfeit the security amount if they surrender their allotted seats in Round 2.

Question: Who are eligible for second round of AIQ NEET 2019 seat allotment?
Answer: The candidate needs to meet any of the following conditions to participate in second round of NEET 2019 counselling and seat allotment:

  • Group I: Registered candidates who were not allotted any seat in first round.

  • Group II: Registered candidates who were allotted seat under reserved quota but it got cancelled during document verification on reporting for admission. Such candidates can participate in next round of seat allotment, after changing their Category, subject to availability of seat in respective category.

  • Group III: Candidates who have reported at allotted institute after Round I seat allotment and submitted willingness for up-gradation in Round 2.

  • Group IV: Candidates who have were allotted a seat but didn’t join.

  • Group V: Candidates who have surrendered the seat allotted in first round.

Question: Who is not eligible for second round of seat allotment?
Answer: Any candidate who has furnished inadequate documents as per the prescribed eligibility criteria is not eligible to participate in second round.

Question: After joining second round of NEET 2019 seat allotment for 15% AIQ, can I leave/resign to join counselling for state quota/private seats?

Answer: As per guidelines by the Honorable Supreme Court, a candidate cannot vacate seat allotted in Round 2. However, if in Round 2 the candidate is allotted a seat in AIQ/ Deemed, he/she can exit by forfeiting the security money.

Question: If I give consent for participation in second round at time of joining college allotted in Round I, but I change decision later and wish to continue study at already allotted college. How can I avoid change (cancellation) of already allotted college/seat?
Answer: If you haven’t submitted any fresh choices during choice submission period before Round 2 of counselling, you will continue to retain the allotted seat. Also, if you have filled choices, but aren’t allotted any seat in second round, then also you retain the seat allotted in Round I.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Registration

Question: I have already registered for Round I, do I need to register afresh for Round 2?
Answer: No, only such candidates who haven’t already registered need to register.

Question: Will there be fresh registrations for Stray Vacancy Round?
Answer: There will be no fresh registration. In fact, DGHS will send list of candidates 10 times the number of vacant seats to institutes for stray round, which will be conducted at institute-level.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Retrieve Password

Question: How do I retrieve password if I forget it?

Answer: To retrieve lost password, you will have to re-enter details entered at the time of registration, including answer to security question. If the information entered by the candidate matches with the registered candidate’s database, the candidate will be able to set new password for future logins.

Keep the following details safe until the admission process is over:

  • Password

  • Security question and answer

  • Printout of NEET 2019 application form

Please note that MCC will not be responsible if you lose these details, and so are unable to retrieve password.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Document Information

Question: What documents I will need for online NEET 2019 counselling registration?
Answer: You will be required only to furnish a few details that you have shared at the time of filling NEET UG 2019 application form.

Also, considering the counselling process will be conducted online, no documents are required to participate in the online NEET 2019 seat allotment process for AIQ

Question: Will Birth Certificate / Caste Certificate/ other certificate(s) be accepted in regional language at the time of reporting?
Answer: The above mentioned certificates should be issued by a competent authority, and must be in English or Hindi. In fact, some states only accept certificates in English language only. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that candidate carry certified (attested) copy of original document in English version, in case certificate issued is not in English language, and also original certificate.

Question: If the spelling of the name in documents and application form don't match, will I be able to participate in counselling?

Answer: You can, but you will need to carry proof in the form of an affidavit showing that the documents belongs to you.

Question: How can I pay the counselling registration fee?

Answer: The payment fee will appear automatically after the candidate has registered for fresh registration. The payment can be made online using Net Banking / credit card/ debit card. Upon successful payment, the candidate will be able to exercise choice filling.

Question: Do I need to carry any documents when reporting at the allotted college for admission?
Answer: Please bring originals and one set of attested photocopies of following documents when reporting for admission:

  • NEET 2019 Admit Card

  • NEET 2019 Result/Score Card

  • Birth Certificate

  • Certificate and Marksheets of Class 10+2

  • Eight (8) passport-size photographs

  • Provisional allotment letter (it has to be generated online)

  • Photo ID Proof (Aadhar/ PAN/ Driving Licence/ Passport)

  • Caste certificate

  • Disability certificate (if applicable)

In case of NRI/OCI candidates, the following documents are also required:

  • Passport copy of sponsorer

  • Sponsorship affidavit ( it must state that the sponsor would bear the expenses incurred during study)

  • Relationship Affidavit (Relation of Candidate with sponsorer)

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Choice Filling

Question: Who can participate in fresh choice during counseling? Also, is there any penalty for exiting the counselling process?
Answer: Please consult the table below to learn about participating in different rounds of counselling and free exit policy.

S. No.


Free Exit

Exit with

forfeiture of fees

Ineligible for

further counseling

Amount of

registration fee


AIQ I/Deemed



AIQ II/Deemed

If not Joined

If joined


– Rs. 10,000

(half for SC/ST/OBC)

Deemed Universities –

Rs. 2,00,000


State Quota I



State Quota II

If not joined

If joined


– Rs. 10,000

(half for SC/ST/OBC)

Private – Rs. 1,00,000


State Quota


If joined


Deemed Mop-Up

If joined

Question: How many choices will be shown to candidates?
Answer: The candidate is eligible for admission to any seat that he or she opted for during registration. Candidate will also be able to check the available options online.

Question: Is there any restriction to the number of choices of institution and course (MBBS or BDS) during choice filling?

Answer: There is no restriction, and the candidate is free to select as many choices from available options. But make sure to enter the choices in the order of preference.

Question: Is it mandatory to enter fresh choices for Round 2, or allotment will be made based on choices entered for Round I?

Answer: The choices entered in Round I will be considered null and void. So the candidate needs to enter fresh choices for Round 2, failing which the candidate will not be considered for admission.

Question: What are the things one should remember before filling choices for Round 2?

Answer: The candidate will be allotted a seat in Round 2 based on choices filled in Round 2 of counselling. Choices filled in Round I will not be considered for seat allotment in Round 2. Also, once a seat in allowed in Round 2, the seat allotted in previous round (Round I) will automatically get cancelled. So, once must bear caution when filling fresh choices for Round 2.

Further, the candidate mustn’t choose the seat which is already allotted in Round I.

Question: Can I edit choices during the choice filling period?

Answer: You will be able to add and delete choices during choice filling period, provided you haven’t locked the entered choices. Once a choice is locked, it can’t be edited any further. So, you must save your choices, instead of locking them until you are sure about your picks.

Please also note that if you have entered choices, but don’t lock then even after choice filling period expires, then last filled choices will automatically get locked.

Question: What if I don’t fill choices?

Answer: Candidates who have registered for counselling must mandatorily participate in choice filling process. The candidate will be able to edit the entered choices before locking them. In such case the candidate has entered choices, but hasn’t locked the, it will automatically get locked after choice filling period expires.

However, if you don’t enter any choices, you will not be allotted any seats.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Registration Fee

Question: What is the registration fee for participation in NEET 2019 counselling conducted by MCC?

Answer: At the time of registration, the candidate has to pay two type of fees - Refundable security deposit and Non-refundable Registration fee.

However both these fees will vary depending on the type of institute the candidate is applying for admission:

  1. Deemed Universities, or

  2. For (15% All India Quota)/ Central Universities (DU, AMU, BHU and Jamia Millia Islamia,
    Delhi)/AFMS & ESI

For Deemed Universities

  1. Non Refundable Registration fee: Rs. 5000 (same for all candidates)

  2. Refundable Security amount: Rs. 2,00,000

Total amount to be paid at time of registration = Non Refundable Registration Fee + Refundable Security Fee

= Rs. 2,05, 000

For 15% AIQ, Central Universities, AFMS & ESI

  1. Non Refundable Registration fee: Rs. 1000 for UR (and Rs. 500 for SC, ST, OBC, and PH candidates)

  2. Refundable Security amount: Rs. 10,000 (and Rs. 5000 for SC, ST, OBC, and PH candidates)

Total amount to be paid at time of registration = Non Refundable Registration Fee + Refundable Security Fee

= Rs. 11, 000 for UR

Question: What would be the fee if the candidate wishes to apply for both for both AIQ and for Deemed University? So, I pay both the fees?
Answer: No, if you want to be considered for admission to both AIQ and Deemed University, only the higher of two fees has to be paid, i.e Rs. 5000 counselling registration fee plus Rs. 2,00,000 security amount.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Exit and Security Money Forfeiture Rules

Question: What is free exit?
Answer: If a candidate is allotted a seat in Round I and doesn’t report or join the allotted college, the candidate will not be fined and will still be eligible to participate in subsequent rounds of counselling.

Please note, there is no free exit for Round II and mop-up round.

Question: What does exit with forfeiture in Round 2 mean?

Answer: If a candidate doesn’t want to join a seat allotted in Round 2, he/she can do so by forfeiting the security money deposited. However, once the candidate joins the allotted seat, it cannot be surrendered.

Question: What are the rules to Exit with Forfeiture?

Answer: A candidate can surrender their seat allotted in Round 2 and exit with forfeiture, only if they haven’t reported at the allotted college. Once the candidate joins the allotted seat, it cannot be surrendered.

Further, in case of candidates who have been allotted a seat in Round I and opts for upgradation, but who hasn’t been upgraded, they are eligible for exit by resigning their seats within two days of declaration of seat allotment. If the candidate fails to do so, they will be considered as part of joined candidates in Round 2, and so they will no longer will be able to resign their seats.

Question: When is the security money forfeited?

Answer: If a candidate is offered a seat in second or mop-up round, but doesn’t join the allotted institute, in that case the security money will be forfeited.

Secondly, if a candidate furnishes wrong information in the registration and is offered a seat on the basis of that, he/she may have to forfeit the security money if gets caught at time of admission.

Question: When and where will the security money be refunded?

Answer: The security money will be refunded to the institution that has been allotted to the candidate and will be adjusted against the annual fee. However, if the candidate isn’t allotted a seat in any of the counselling rounds, including stray vacancy round, s/he will be refunded the money in the account provided at time of registration.

Also, the security money will be refunded after conclusion of the counselling process.

NEET 2019 Counselling FAQs - Upgradation of Seats

Question: Is upgradation option available in second round of counselling for Deemed/ Central Universities to Mop-up Round counseling of DGHS for Central / Deemed Universities?

Answer: The Upgradation facility is not available if a candidate joins allotted seat in second round of Deemed/Central Universities; further the candidate can’t also vacate the seat of AIQ. For Deemed Universities, such candidates will not be allowed to participate in any further counselling including Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed/Central Universities.

Question: If I opt for up-gradation during Round I, and if my choice is allotted, then do I have to join the college allotted during Round 2? Also, what happens if I change my decision of upgrading choice, and instead want to study in college allotted in Round I?
Answer: If a candidate gets a higher preferred (up-gradation) seat in Round 2, then the seat allotted in Round I will automatically get cancelled. The candidate has to report at the college allotted during Round 2 after taking a printout of online generated relieving letter from college allotted in Round I.

In case a candidate doesn’t join the college, he/she will forfeit the security money. Such candidates can participate in mop-up round, which will have fresh registrations.

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i am gonna attempt neet for 4th time on 2020 . will i be able to attempt it or not?

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019

Now there is neither any upper age limit for appearing for NEET nor is there any cap for no.of attempts at NEET, Rashika. So as long you fulfil the minimum age criteria and aggregate against tour Category, you are eligible for appearing for NEET. Use the link: for registration and You can check the complete application process at our page,


hi Im bsc 1st year student so which code applying for neet form 2020

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019

Priyanka, your code shall be 05 if you have Physics, Chemistry and Biology as your subjects. Code 05 says: The first year of the three years’ degree course of a recognised University with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology including practical tests in these subjects provided the examination is a University Examination and candidate has passed the earlier qualifying examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Biotechnology with English at a level not less than a core course. But the code changes if you do not have these subjects. Can you help us with the subjects in your B.Sc please?


I am attempting neet 2020 as well as my class 12 for the second time.. so my class 12 certificate would be different... so which code should I prefer??

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019
Your code will be 01. It is code 01 if you have failed the first time in your 12th. But if you are appearing for betterment, the code will be 02.

Being SEBC and EWS which category shuld I choose in neet form ??

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019


see one candidate can only apply for one type of category. in neet ug form there is option for obc ncl, sebc is comes under obc-ncl and if  family income is less than 6 lakhs you may apply in obc ncl. however ews certificate is for general category candidates who dont have any other reservation criteria and whose family income is less than 8 lakhs per annum, also they have to satisfy the asset and income criteria to become eligible for ews. and you need to have valid documents for proof of ews or obc-ncl  criteria. so I would suggest you to choose the category which you have legal documents on behalf of it.


I am maratha SEBC candidate . while Feeling neet form there is no option for SEBC .at the same time I am also EWS .then what category shuld I choose so it will beneficial for me ??

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 12th Dec, 2019
You cannot belong to SEBC and EWS. SEBC is for those who belong to OBC whose income is less. But EWS is for those belonging to General Category and their income is less than 8 lakhs per annum. So if you belong to SEBC, you should select OBC-NCL as your Category.
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