NEET 2018: Know Aadhaar Card requirement for NEET application form
Updated on Feb 23, 2018 - 12:38 p.m. IST by Somesh S Menon
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The much-awaited NEET application form window for undergraduate medical aspirants released on February 8, 2018. Major changes have been announced for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Amongst all the newly introduced changes, CBSE has introduced a technical change in the manner in which NEET Application Form 2018 is filled. From this year onwards, CBSE is instantly authenticating candidate's information entered at the time of registration with UIDAI Aadhar database. In case one's data doesn't find a match with Aadhar database, then the system will not register the candidate and will not allow them to proceed. Also, on February 22, 2018, after taking into consideration several candidate's queries received about the mismatch of details in their Aadhar Card and Class 10 and 12 certificate, CBSE has issued a notice clarifying the action which can be taken by such students to fill NEET 2018 application form.

Latest: [Download free Question Papers and Sample Paper of NEET, Click here]

Latest:  As per the latest Supremem Court directions, Aadhaar card is no longer mandatory for NEET application or any other entrance exam. Instead, candidates can also give details of a valid photo ID like Voter ID, Passport, Bank Account, Ration Card, Driving License etc. NEET Application form 2019 is now available till November 30, 2018.

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CBSE Notice on Aadhar and NEET Application Form as issued on February 22, 2018



As per the official bulletin, it is mandatory for candidates (except those belonging to J&K, Assam or Meghalaya) to provide their Aadhar details while filling NEET application form. In the larger interests of NEET aspirants, CBSE has published a public notice on what is to be done in case of a mismatch between the details of  Aadhaar Card and Class 10 & 12 certificates. CBSE has announced that such candidates can register for the NEET 2018 on the basis of the details as given in Aadhar Card and then they may go for getting their details matched in all documents by filling correction forms at relevant authorities. Careers360 brings you complete information on key elements related to Aadhaar Card requirement for NEET 2018 application.


NEET 2018: About Aadhar Card

The CBSE has decided that candidates who are Indian nationals/citizens or/and ordinary residents of India, will have to mandatorily provide their Aadhaar Card details while filling NEET 2018 application form. This rule is not applicable for candidates belonging from J&K, Assam & Meghalaya. Besides this, from this year onwards, immediate authentification of candidates' information with UIDAI Adhar database is being done. Whosoever's data will not match, he/she will not be able to register for NEET 2018. 


NEET 2018: CBSE notification clears confusions about Aadhar Card

CBSE on February 22, 2018, released a notification clarifying students' doubts about how to fill the application form of NEET 2018 in case of any mismatch in candidates' information as given in Aadhar Card and Class 10 & 12 certificates. The clarification comes after it received several complaints from confused aspirants. As per the notice, CBSE has said that in case of a mismatch between records of candidates' Aadhar Card and School/Boards certificates they can: 

  1. Register for NEET 2018 on the basis of details as given in their Aadhar Card. 
  2. Thereafter, they can take necessary steps to make the details of both Aadhar Card and Class 10 & 12 certificates same. 


NEET 2018: Aadhaar Card for NEET registration

The applicants of NEET 2018 are required to provide their Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, father & mother name and gender at the time of registering for NEET. The date of birth, the name of the candidate, Aadhar Number and gender should be same as mentioned in the Aadhar card, for these details are verified immediately with UIDAI Aadhar database for the purpose of identity authentication. In case one doesn't have an Aadhar card or find any discrepancy in the Aadhar Card data, they can take steps as applicable to them on the basis of their relevant situation. 

  • Applicants who have an Aadhar Card: Applicants who have an Aadhar card, they can simply begin the NEET 2018 application filling process by registering for NEET 2018. They will need to provide their Aadhar number at the time of registration which will be immediately verified by UIDAI database. Upon matching of the data, they will be able to proceed with NEET application form. 
  • Applicants who are NOT yet enrolled for Aadhar: The applicants, who are not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, are hereby required to register for Aadhaar enrolment at Aadhar centre. Such applicants may visit any Aadhaar Enrolment Center (list available at to get enrolled for Aadhaar Number and enter the Aadhar Enrollment ID or UR No. at the time of registering for NEET 2018.
  • Applicants enrolled for Aadhaar but are yet to receive Aadhaar Card: The applicants who have already enrolled for Aadhar but are yet to receive their Aadhar Number, they can enter the Aadhaar Enrollment number printed on their Aadhaar Enrollment slip at the time of filling application form of NEET 2018. 
  • Applicants who have Aadhar Card with mismatching Records: The applicants who have an Aadhar Card, but whose details of Aadhar Card don't match with their Class 10 & 12 certificates, can enter the details as mentioned in the Aadhar Card at the time of registering for NEET 2018, and can later take the necessary steps for getting their information changed either in Aadhar Card or School/Boards certificates (as and how one deems fit). To get any information corrected in Aadhar Card, candidates can apply for correction request in Aadhar at Aadhar centres.
  • Candidates who have applied for Aadhar Correction before registering for NEET 2018: In case a candidate apply for correction in the Aadhar card before filling the application form, they can register for NEET 2018 by entering their 14-digit Aadhar Enrollment ID or UR No. (including slash) as printed on their slip issued by Aadhar centre after submitting the updation request. 

NEET 2018: Why Aadhaar Card is required for Applications?

The use of Aadhaar Card for the NEET applications will result in the accuracy of the details furnished by the applicants. According to officials, this will further help in ascertaining the identity of the NEET applicants at the examination centres in a more convenient and hassle-free manner. Moreover, the Aadhaar information obviates the need for producing multiple documents to prove one’s identity, as the Aadhaar document specifies Unique Identification Number for each Indian national.


NEET 2018 online application form: ID Proofs required for registration


Category of candidates

Permissible Identity Cards


Indian nationals belonging to all states

Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar Enrolment Number/UR No. (including slash)


Candidates from J&K, Assam or Meghalaya

Aadhar Card or Passport Number or Ration Card Number or Bank Account Number or another government-issued ID card


Non-Residents of India (NRIs)

Passport Number


Foreigners/ OCI/ PIO

Passport Number


FAQs on Aadhaar Card for NEET 2018

Question: I belong to Jammu and Kashmir. Do I need to enter my Aadhaar Number while filling online application form of NEET 2018?

Answer: Candidates belonging to every Indian state except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and Meghalaya are required to enter Aadhaar Card information in the NEET 2017 applications. For candidates who belong to J&K, Assam or Meghalaya, they can enter their Passport Number or Ration Card Number or Bank Account Number or other government-issued ID card number, in case they do not have an Aadhar Card. 


Question: I belong to Nepal and a citizen there. I do not have either Aadhar Card or passport. What should I enter on the place of ID proof?
Answer: Such candidates can fill details of any government issued ID proof. 


Question: I am an OCI/NRI/Foreign candidate. How can I apply for NEET 2018, without Aadhar Card?
Answer: Candidates who live outside India can give their passport details at the time of registering for NEET 2018. 


Question: The details in my Aadhar Card does not match with Class 10 & Class 12 certificate records. What should I do? How can I register for NEET 2018?
Answer: As per the clarification issued by CBSE, candidates whose records of Aadhar Card doesn't match with their school or boards certificates, they can register for NEET 2018 by entering the details as mentioned in the Aadhar Card and can later apply for corrections in either Aadhar Card or School/Board certificate. 


Question:  I have already applied for correction request of data in Aadhar Card. How can I register for NEET 2018 and fill the application form?
Answer: Candidates who have already applied for corrections in either biometric or demographic information in their Aadhar Card, they can register for NEET 2018 by entering 14 digit Aadhar Enrollment ID or UR No. (including slash) as printed on their slip issued by the Aadhar centre after submitting the updation request. 


Question: In my Aadhar Card only the name of my mother appears since I am a child of a single parent. What should I mention in the place of my Father's name at the time of registration?
Answer: If the column of Father's name in the Aadhar card is blank in one's Aadhar, then they can enter 'XXXX' in place of their Father's name at the time of NEET 2018 registration. 


Question: My date of birth in the Aadhar Card is incorrectly mentioned or not mentioned in full such that only the year appears. How should I register for NEET 2018?
Answer: Such candidates should apply a correction request at the Aadhar centre and enter 14 digit Aadhar Enrollment ID or UR No. (including slash) as printed on their slip issued by the Aadhar centre after submitting the correction request. 


Question: The name of my father and mother is not same in the Aadhar card as in my Class 10 and 12 certificates. What should I do?
Answer: It might be worth noting that the details of mother and father are not being matched UIDAI Aadhar data, so they can fill the details of their parents either from Aadhar card or Class 10 & 12 certificates, whichever is correct and can later apply with relevant authorities for getting the information corrected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is NEET 2019 admit card released?
Answer: The NEET admit card will be released on April 15. Many candidates want to know how to download NEET admit card 2019. Go to NTA website,, and login using registration/application number, DOB and security code. The admit card will be displayed in downloadable pdf format. 

Question: Can we change photo NEET 2019?
Answer: Once application form is submitted, changes to uploaded photo can be done only during correction window (January 14-31). Also, the photo attested on the admit card must be the same as the one uploaded in the application form. Take a printout of NEET admit card 2019 download pdf and paste the photo in the assigned space.


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UPES School of Health Sciences
UPES School of Health Sciences
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MANIPAL, MAHE Admissions 2020
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can anyone please suggest me one best reference book each for 4 subjects for neet 2020 which is best useful for this last 3 months

Aditya kumar Student Expert 29th Jan, 2020
Hello there!

Preparing for neet examination in 3 -4 months is extremely difficult due to huge syllabus of neet, now that you want to prepare for neet in 3 months so you need to limit yourself to few books only and be ready to work hard for neet preparation .
Best books which you can follow to prepare for neet examination in 3 months are listed below Subjectwise :


  • Neet in 40 days for physics by Arihant
  • Chapterwise previous 39 year neet -aipmt questions for physics by Arihant


  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII
  • Neet in 40 days for chemistry by Arihant


  • NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII
  • NCERT at your fingertips by mtg

I hope that you find this helpful, prepare well :-)


how many no.of deemed colleges are there for neet pg & respective college fee structure

PALLAV TIRIYAR 29th Jan, 2020


Different medical colleges which accept NEET PG are:

1. Kasturba Medical college, Mangalore

2. Christian medical college, Vellore

3. JSS Medical college

4. Sri Siddhartha medical college

5. Sri Devaraj Urs medical college

6. Maulana Azad medical college, New Delhi

For more information regarding fee structures of the colleges, you can refer to the link given below:,Private


what is the neet cut off marks 2020 for Bangalore medical college for OBC category student pls explain.

Kalpana Sharma 29th Jan, 2020
Hi, hope you are doing great.
The cutoff marks for 2020 marks is difficult to tell now, as the cutoff varies every year for each category.
However according to the previous year trends , 85% of the seats are reserved for Karnataka via home state quota and 15% for all India.
There are total of 250 seats in this college.

The cutoff according to the previous year for OBC category lies between 466-469 marks.

For for further clarification and details, refer to the link provided below:


Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 29th Jan, 2020

Uday, AIIMS released its result in the form of percentiles and NEET releases its result in the form of score. Now AIIMS MBBS was held for 200 marks and NEET is conducted for 720 marks. Considering all these factors, you should score atleast 600 and above even with OBC reservation. This is because AIIMS seats are filled through All India Quota which means every eligible Candidate can claim stake for a seat in AIIMS. So any score less than 600, might put you in a tight spot.


which are the best books for NEET, jee preparation? I am confused because a lots of books are available in market. please help me

Leon George 29th Jan, 2020

Hello Aspirant,

The list of best books to refer for NEET Preparation are-

  • NCERT Books of 11th and 12th of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Objective Physics by DC Pandey
  • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
  • Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  • Chemistry Guide by Dinesh
  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Objective Botany by Ansari
  • Biology guide by Pradeep
  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

The list of good books for JEE preparation are-

  • Concepts of physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & walker
  • Understanding physics by D.C Pandey
  • Understanding physics by Freedman and Young
  • Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon
  • Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee
  • Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma
  • Algebra by Dr S K Goyal Arihant Publications

I hope it helps

All the best

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