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Best Books for NEET PG 2024 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Best Books for NEET PG 2024 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology

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Understanding the exam concepts and practising the problems will lead NEET PG 2024 candidates to a better result. All medical graduates seeking postgraduate medical admissions must check the list of best books for NEET PG 2024 preparation. Books play a major role in the preparation of NEET PG 2024. Candidates can use the best books to cement the concepts learned along with a good amount of practice to excel in the NEET PG exam.

Books not only create the base for all concepts but all give in-depth knowledge regarding the syllabus of NEET PG. The National Board of Examinations (NBE) is the competent authority to conduct NEET PG 2024 for admission to around 26,168 Doctor of Medicine (MD), 13,649 Masters of Surgery (MS), and 922 PG Diploma seats offered by 6,102 medical institutes across India. Candidates can go through the article on best books for PG preparation to know about the best books for NEET PG study material along with how to prepare from those books for cracking the postgraduate medical entrance test, best book for medicine NEET PG, standard books for NEET PG, etc.

List of best books for NEET PG preparation

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” quoted Ernest Hemingway. Books seem to be the best NEET PG 2024 preparation tools for aspirants to ace the PG medical exam. To crack the NEET PG exam successfully, candidates have to prepare well with the best study material for it. Candidates can go through the below-mentioned list of best books for NEET PG MCQ, written by some eminent writers.

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Subject-wise NEET PG preparation books


Books name

Author Name


Self-assessment and review of Anatomy

Rajesh Kaushal or MCQ book by Dr. Raviraj


Review of Pharmacology

Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta, Ranjan Patel


Self-assessment and review of Biochemistry

Rebecca James

Forensic Medicine

Self-assessment and review of basic anatomy and forensic medicine

Arvind Arora


Review of Pathology and Genetics

Sparsh Gupta & Devesh Mishra


Review of Microbiology and immunology

Rachna Chaurasia or Apurba Sastry or Ananthanarayan and Paniker's


Review of Pediatrics and neonatology

Taruna Mehra or OP Ghai


Complete review of medicine for NBE

Deepak Marwah or Mudit Khanna


Surgery essence

Pritesh Singh SRB


Community medicine (PSM)

Vivek Jain


Review of Physiology

Dr. Soumen Manna Dr. Krishna Kumar

OBS and Gynae

Self-assessment and review of obstetrics & Gynecology

Sakshi Arora


ENT for entrance exam

Manisha Sinha and Sachin Budhiraja


Comprehensive Ophthalmology

AK Khurana Ruchi Rai


Orthopedics quick review

Apurv Mehra


Review of Radiology

Rajat Jain


Review of Dermatology

Saurabh Jindal


PROAFS Anesthesia for NBE

Profs by Vivek Jain


Review of Psychiatry

Praveen Tripathi


Final Edge image-based

Deepak Marwah

NEET PG 2024 Best Books - How to prepare with?

While going through the aforementioned books, candidates have an idea that the syllabus of NEET PG 2024 has very vast subjects. So, candidates have to strategize properly and take care not to miss any of the topics for the NEET PG 2024 exam. Candidates can through the below-mentioned preparation strategies opt for preparing for NEET PG from the best books.

Study from own-made notes

While preparing from the best books for the NEET PG exam, candidates should make their notes. Making the notes on your own is very beneficial for NEET PG 2024 preparation. As, while making the NEET PG notes candidates have to go through the whole chapter from the books. It is easy for aspirants to memorise the concept. Since it is own made notes from the best books for NEET PG entrance, it is more concise and clear for aspirants. Making the notes also includes noting down the important key points, which are beneficial for qualifying for the NEET PG.

Go through the MCQs questions

As per the NEET PG examination pattern 2024, the question paper will consist of 300 MCQ-type questions which comprise different topics of the syllabus. Candidates should revise the previous year's MCQ questions of NEET PG for their convenience. Aspirants should not only rely on the questions of MCQs. So, candidates should revise the theory portion of the NEET PG 2024 entrance exam thoroughly.

Revise the concept regularly

Practising and revising the concept regularly from the best book for NEET PG preparation plays a crucial role for aspirants in their preparation. Revising the NEET PG syllabus with the books to maintain the continuity of the aspirants and the continuity of the preparation is very important and highly beneficial. While NEET PG preparation, candidates can easily know the question structure and how to manage time while attempting the question.

The syllabus is vast so while preparing students must divide time according to subject weightage and learn to focus as per the weightage priority. One or two weeks is sufficient for a vast subject and 3-4 days for short subjects. Candidates with the aforementioned books for NEET PG and proper preparation strategy can qualify for the PG medical exam with good marks.

NEET PG Exam Pattern 2024

Candidates should know the NEET PG 2024 exam pattern while strategising about the preparation to qualify for the PG medical entrance exam. The important details of the exam pattern of NEET PG are given in the points below.

  • Exam mode - NBE will be conducting NEET PG 2024 in computer-based mode.

  • Language of exam - The exam will be conducted in the English language

  • Duration of exam - Candidates must complete the exam in the allotted 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Types of questions and total marks - The NEET PG 2024 exam will consist of objective-type questions and the maximum mark is 1200

  • Total number of questions - There will be a total of 200 questions in the entrance examination divided into three sections i.e. Part A, Part B & Part C, as per the examination pattern of NEET PG.

  • Number of questions from each section - The section-wise distribution of questions includes 50 questions from Part A, 100 questions from Part B and 150 questions from Part C.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Who conducts NEET PG entrance examination?

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) is the authority competent to conduct NEET PG for eligible aspiring candidates.

2. Who can apply for NEET PG?

Medical graduates fulfilling the eligibility criteria can fill out the NEET PG application form to appear for the medical PG entrance exam.

3. Why are books important for NEET PG preparation?

Books play a major role as a friend, as a guide, as a tutor for the preparation of NEET PG.

4. What is the best preparation tool for cracking the NEET PG?

The list of important books for NEET PG plays a key role in the preparation of aspirants in cracking the medical PG entrance exam.


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Questions related to NEET PG

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It's  a good idea that you've already emailed the NEET PG officials regarding the mistake of uploading your temporary Dental Council of India (DCI) certificate while the DCI number you mentioned is the permanent one.

Discrepancies in application documents can lead to delays during verification. In the worst-case scenario, your application might be rejected.

Since you have already contacted the officials, wait for their response. They are the best source of information on how to rectify this issue and whether it will cause any problems.

In the meantime, have copies of both your temporary and permanent DCI certificates readily available. This will help if the officials request any further clarification.

If you don't hear back within a reasonable timeframe (around a week), consider sending a polite follow-up email to the NEET PG authorities.

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To get admission to an MPT college after completing BPT, you might need to clear one of the following entrance exams:

1) All India Post Graduate Physiotherapy Entrance Test (AIPG-PET)

2) State-level entrance exams (e.g., Maharashtra Common Entrance Test - MH CET)

3) University-specific entrance exams (e.g., Manipal University Entrance Exam)

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Having a mismatch in your Date of Birth (DOB) on your Voter ID card can be a potential problem during NEET PG.

During NEET PG, there will be verification of your identity and eligibility. A mismatch in DOB can raise doubts and lead to delays or complications.

his is the ideal solution. Contact your local election office and initiate the process to rectify the DOB on your Voter ID. It might take some time, so act as soon as possible.

I hope it helps!

Hello chander

There will be no problem as such . You should not worry about it now, let it be for now .

After your neet results when will get admission a call for counseling you must take your class x mark sheet along with you to ahow the college authorities where yoh will get admission.

You may carry your mother's ID proof to show the official persons but it is not a great issue , don't think much of it.

Dear aspirant !!

Hope you are doing well! It is mandatory to have ews certificate at the time of counseling or at the time of admission in the college which you will take . They will listen your problems or excuses whatever , they just need ews certificate anyhow ,so it is better for you to select your category as general if you don't have ews certificate available right now to avoid any problem in the future .

Hope you get it !

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